Comparing Albion Infiness & Exage Milks

I (Cherry) felt Infiness Moisture Milk IA is light, and how about Comparing Exage Activation Moisture Milks?

Let me compare with them.

Infiness VS Exage #3

Albion Infiness Ex

Albion Infiness Exage 3

Infiness looks harder. I felt Exage #3 is a little bit richer than Infiness.

The texture of my skin afterward is a little bit different. Both are oilier, but I felt Infiness is quicker to be smooth.

Exage #2 VS Infiness

Albion Infiness Exage

albion milks

I felt my skin just after applying them, I felt they were not pretty much different.

I had thought I have no need to compare Exage #1 and Infiness. Exage #1 will be much lighter than Infiness, as it is lighter than Exage #2.

The perfumes are different: both are artificial floral, but different.

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