Comparing Albion Infiness Moisture Milk IA VS Excia AL Renewing Rich Milk SV

I (Cherry) got a sample of Infiness Moisture Milk IA and Excia AL Renewing Rich Milk SV. Let me compare with them.

This article is for the customer who asked about the difference of them. Her question was Renewing Extra Rich Milk SV, but in my experience, Renewing Rich Milk SV might be good to compare.

Albion Infiness Excia

Albion has 3 lines, Exage, Inginess and Excia AL. Each of they have Moisturizing line and Brightening line, so total 6 lines they have.

Infiness is to keep your supple skin, and Excia is keep your skin smooth. Maybe, Excia is for more aged skin than the Infiness, I feel.

Infiness is an unique, there is only one Milk for each lines. I mean there are no Extra Rich (more moisturized ) milk.

Let me tell you the detail of this comparison!

Albion Infiness VS Excia AL

I feel the texture of Infiness is more harder than Excia Rich Milk. I have tested many skin care items for you, and in Albion (they are good products!) what I buy for my self is Excia, it is only for the perfume. Yeah, both are strong, but Infiness is stronger than Excia, and this floral scent is not my preference. But it is really easy to find reviewers are saying this Infiness scent is gorgeous or something. That is just in person.

I did not feel both are oily, but it may be the reason why my skin is dry now.

My skin texture afterward, you know… I felt Renewing Rich Milk SV is a little bit oilier. I feel my skin is supple, and when I check my skin condition on counters, I often find the supple level is still in 20s 🙂 I can not say about whether they are good for the supple skin or not 😀

But I can say about moisturized and oil thing. Because of the whether, chilly, but sunny, it is drier (than other seasons for me, but I know it is not pretty much dry for you especially people from the mid continents of the Americas/ Europe/ Australia). I feel my skin is really dry. But I also dislike items what makes my skin sticky. I bought Excia AL Renewing Extra Rich Milk SV for myself, but it is too much, I often feel.

Oops, let me back to my skin texture afterward, I feel my both sides were well moisturized, and kept by oil. Both Infiness and Excia AL Rich are good for my preference. I choose Excia, just because of the perfume.

So, why you wanna ask me about the Infiness and Excia? Price? Perfume? just curious? That’s OK.

If you like Infiness Moisture Milk IA, and feeling this is good for your skin condition, I do not recommend to change to Excia AL, because of the price. But if you are like me, the perfume of Infiness Moisture Milk IA is too strong or too differ from your preference, Excia AL is your choice. Another choice is Cosme Decorte AQMW Repair Emulsion, what are more runny products, but I like its Sandalwood scent! See also: Comparing Albion Excia AL Renewing Rich Milk SV and Cosme Decorte AQMW Repair Emulsion

When you are using Excia AL Renewing Milk SV, and wanna change the perfume, Infiness will be one of the choices, we guess.

Excia AL Extra Rich Milk SV is more oilier than Rich Milk SV, if your preference is more oilier products than Infiness, I recommend to use Excia Renewing Extra Rich Milk SV.

Hope it helps!

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