Comparing Albion Infinesse Moisture Milk IA VS White Whitening Milk IA

I (Cherry) obtained both of Infinesse Milks.

Albion Infinesse

Let me show you my review of them.

As other brands under Albion, Infinesse has 2 lines: Moisture and White.

Albion Infinesse Milk

I felt Infinesse Moisture Milk IA is more easier to be“ smooth” than other “moisture” line, but compared with Whitening Milk IA, Moisture Milk IA is slower to be smooth.

I did not feel Infinesse Moisture Milk IA is oily product, but with Whitening Milk IA, Whitening Milk IA is much less oilier than Moisture Milk.

I could not find any difference of the perfumes, but one of the BAs who I know, she said the perfume of Infinesse White brings her headache, but Infinesse is OK. Those things are really up to people.

Totally to say, if you are feeling Infinesse Moisture Milk IA is good for you, Whitening Milk IA might be too light for you.

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