Comparing Albion Infinesse White Whitening Milk IA VS Excia AL Whitening Rich Milk SV

I (Cherry) bought Excia AL Whitening Milk SV, and let me compare it with Infinesse White Whitening Milk IA.

Albion Infinesse

Let me show you.

Albion Excia AL Infinesse

You may see that Infinesse White is much runny than Excia AL.

Albion products are great quality, but sadly they always add stronger perfume. In person, I prefer Excia AL than Infinesse, but it is really up to people.

My skin afterward, to be honest, I could not find much difference between those two products, both I felt super comfortable, enough moisturized by water and oil, and smooth.

Of course I did not feel any stings, but if your skin is quite damaged, I do not recommend to use.

For me, these are not pretty much oily, but it can be because my skin is combination to dry. If you are an oil prone, Albion is not for you.

Infinesse White is affordable price, but in person, I prefer Excia AL’s perfume. If you are a person who does not care about the perfume, and seems it was a person who asked me the difference between Infinesse White and Excia AL Whitening, she/ he is an Infinesse user, and satisfied with Infinesse, I do not think s/he does LOVE Excia AL.

But if you are an user of Infinesse White, and it is too light for you, I guess Excia AL Whitening EXTRA Rich Milk SV can be one of the solution. Extra Rich is “richer” aka “heavier” than this Rich Milk SV. See also: Comparing Excia AL Whitening Rich Milk SV VS Extra Rich Milk SV