Comparing AQMW Repair Emulsion White and Repair Emulsion

Cosme Decorte AQMW Repair Emulsion is including Mucin, and AQMW Repair Emulsion White is including Kojic Acid.

AQMW Repair Emulsions

Sadly, I have only one sample of Whitening, please let me just compare Repair Emulsion and Repair Emulsion Whitening.  Japanese cosmetic companies often set  “whitening” line as Summer season. I had thought Repair Emulsion Whitening is for Summer season, not pretty much moisturized product.

Please let me compare with Repair Emulsion White and Repair Emulsion.

AQMW Repair Emulsions cotton

The same with Albion milks, AQMW method is Milk, lotion, and cream or something. (See also Albion Skin Care Method)


You may se easily the difference of them: White is harder and Repair Emulsion is more runny. Which do you like? But the textures afterward are less different.

I may write about that later, these days, I rarely use cottons to apply even AQMW or Albion milks. When I using cottons, this Repair Emulsion’s runny milk is not fun, I feel in danger of “accident” 🙂 But I spread my hands and wrap. In this way of use, I do not care with both harder White and runny Repair Emulsion.

Perfume and sting

I often feel something strange (mainly sting) with using the products including Kojic Acid. This is the reason why I hesitated to use this White. And I also am not a big fun of the smell of Kojic Acid what is better than artificial floral scent. It is true that I used the strong perfumed Repair Emulsion, it was really hard to find the difference of the smell, and I could not find the scent of kojic acid.

Another good thing is there are anything sting by Repair Emulsion White too.

But if you are hesitate to use the products with strong scent of Sandalwood, both are not for you.

Oil and Moisture

To be honest, recently I am feeling Repair Emulsion ER is a little bit oily for my skin with good condition. Both Repair Emulsion and Repair Emulsion White is less oilier than ER. I often feel sticky afterward of ER, but there are no such a problem with both.

How Cherry felt?

I need to admit I could not find big difference between Repair Emulsion White and Repair Emulsion. Both are nice, but if you are looking for something with Kojic Acid, it can be nice to choose Repair Emulsion White.

I wish there are kits of AQMW White line!! :))

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