Comparing Cosme Decorte AQMW Repair Emulsion and Repair Emulsion ER

Cosme Decorte is by Kose. Albion is one of the branch companies of Kose.

Cosme Decoete AQMW emulsions are the same method with Albion milks: Milk first, lotion second. Third is something (creams or oils etc…) wrapping your face.

Repair Emulsion (left) is for normal skin, Repair Emulsion ER (right) is for dry skin.

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They are the same: Sandalwood. Do you like Sandalwood? If you like, you may love it. It remains longer, I don’t recommend for you if you are not a big fan of this scent.

For me, in person, I feel it is gorgeous scent. I love it, but I also afraid of I will tired with this strong perfume. This is one of the reason why I hesitate to buy full bottle for myself. I prefer VQ’s modest smell for my daily use.

They will sell special kits of smaller size in affordable price on Winter, I may buy that.


You may see on the picture above. You will find how runny both are. I am showing all of the package each in this time. I was afraid of there would be something incidents, but no accidents 🙂

Anyway, both are really runny products, Repair Emulsion is much runny than Repair Emulsion ER.

Do you remember Ignis VQ Glorious Milk? I guess even ER is more runny than VQ.

So far, I guess hard levels are below; from runny to hard

CD Repair Emulsion< CD Repair Emulsion ER< Ignis VQ <Exage Moist Crystal Milk 3< Infinesse Moisture Milk IA <Exage White Crystal Milk 3

 Apply on my face

On this time, I used the same cotton: Repair Emulsion is on my left side, and ER is on my right.

There are no stinger on my both of the side. That’s good.

Almost 5 mins after I applied these emulsions, I found Repair Emulsion ER is oily, and remained on my skin a little bit sticky. On the other hand, Repair Emulsion is just well moist and smooth. I feel it is almost the less oily than White Crystal Milk.

Hmm, I feel chart is below: from smooth to oily

Repair Emulsion< Exage White Crystal Milk 3< Repair Mulsion ER<VQ Glorious Milk< Exage Moist Crystal Milk 3< Infiness Moisture Milk IA


For me, I am feeling the most comfortable. It is because both are enough watery too. Both are runny, I am feeling it may because of water.

If I would ask which is good for Summer (Japanese humid Summer, of course), I may choose Repair Emulsion. I had already bought Excia AL Whitening Milk.

On the other hand, I don’t know whether Repair Emulsion ER is enough for my sometimes suddenly super dry cheeks in dry season.


My cheeks are getting smoother day by day. But I feel my cheeks are still not pretty good condition. My cheek skin is thinner than used to be 🙁

I love this smooth finish, especially Repair Emulsion side now. My skin condition is getting better, it may be one of the reason, I love this finish the best so far.

Bottom Line

Sandalwood perfume is strong and gorgeous. I recommend for you who are a big fan of Sandalwood scent.

Especially Repair Emulsion is quite runny. Guess it is including more water. I suggest Repair Emulsion is good for Summer.

There are no stinger for me. This is great.

As I had tried: Exage White Crystal Milk 3, Exage Moist Crystal Milk 3, Infiness Moisture Milk IA, VQ Glorious Milk and Repair Emulsion/ ER. I prefer the finish of Cosme Decorte Repair Emulsion the most, but it may be because my skin condition is getting better and better now.


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