Albion INFINESSE MOISTURE LOTION IA is great, but the scent is a problem :(

Here is my (Cherry’s) review of its lotion: Infinesse Moisture Lotion IA, from Infinesse Traial set, version of 2015.

Infinesse IA

Review by Cherry

Lotion is the second from the right.

Let me change the picture better quality — sample.

Albion Infinesse IA

This is a half-transparent whitish lotion. It is not pretty much sticky. Yet to be honest, after applying Infinesse Moisture Milk IA a lot, I feel it is not easy to use without cottons. I like doing cotton pack with this lotion (see also: Beauty Tips — Lotion Pack/ Cotton Pack) .

I had no need to worry about sting on my skin. After using this, my skin is better condition: neither dry nor oily.

Yes, the problem is its perfume… too floral for me :(( This is only one problem of this lotion in person.

Review by Sarah

Here is what Sarah from Hong Kong saying:

I have been happily testing out different lotions because they may replace my camilia oil, at least for summer. Although in my 30s and in Hong Kong, a skincare melting pot, lotion has not been in my list of skincare because I’m just too lazy to seek out options.

Before camelia oil, I used to use serum, but that can be gooey and most frustratingly, the moist does not last and wears off just within a few hours.

Infinesse IA

So, Infinesse Moisture Lotion. It looks white-ish and watery, and smells nice.

It is very moisturizing, even more so than Excia Renewing Lotion. But it is at the same time more sticky than Excia, but it is acceptable to me, as you know, I’m used to using camelia oil (yes, this is unbeatable!). Of course, like many, I’m greedily hoping for a lotion that keeps my skin moisturized but does not feel sticky.

I think I’ll use this for autumn/winter, which can be very dry, and Excia Renewing Lotion in summer, which is notoriously humid.

Thank you Sarah!

For me, this perfume is no good, but she likes the scent. Yes, things are up to people.

By the way, Camellia oil. I am not pretty much sure about Hong Kong or grater China, we Japanese often use Camellia oil as hair oil: Tsubaki Abura. Sarah, I guess you need to keep using. It can also good for skin, but I do not think it is giving water on your skin. My recommend is applying something lotion (your favorite perfume etc) first, and apply Camellia oil in final. Oils will work as “wrap” your skin with avoiding evaporation, in other words, it will keep your skin well moisturized condition.

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