Fancl Botanical Essence Lotion is a smooth and light

My skin condition is better and better now, and I can write for you about this Fancl Botanical Essence Lotion.

fancl botanical lotion

Seeing this bottle, I had thought this is a spray style product. (sorry, seems I had discard when I change the photo stock sites)

I have a image of the term of “lotion” as burble, runny. But this is a little bit more sticky product than I had thought. Comparing with Fancl’s other lotions (excluding Acne Care, as I had used), this is not pretty much sticky.

Because Fancl lotions are tending to be sticky, you have less need to use tons.

So, I pretty like bring Fancl bottles for my vacation. (I am almost a backpacker, I don’t sleep at the airports nor stations, I rarely stay at youth hostels. I said “rarely”, yes I had stayed at hostel’s dorm at my vacation at Hong Kong!!! It is the first time to do that in this 8 years!)

Anyway, if you are a person who travel a lot, you may agree with me that small sized belongings are better! And the second reason why I bring Fancl items for travel, sometimes my skin are coming to really really sensitive. There are really few items what I can use.

Oops, they are another story 🙂

Back to my review of this Fancl botanical lotion, I felt something quite quite few smell, what made me to scare to use. Long story short, I should have not worry about that. This is by Fancl!

There were reasons why I was afraid of using. I thought this smell is from Ethanol. I had told you that my skin condition was pretty bad in this Spring. Even my skin condition is better, I feel small stinger on my skin applying lotions including Ethanol. When I use those products in this super bad condition? I had thought I should be jump into pool with strong pain. Because of this, I could not use to write a review for you.

Seems that smell is from something other, essential oils or something. Anyway, there are no sting  for me:)

This lotion is sticky, but on my skin, this is really smooth. Usually I don’t need to apply Fancl Lotions a lot, but when I feel my skin is quite dry, I used really a lot. Push on my hand, apply, push and apply… It was like “drinking”.

I have to admit, for my dry skin, I needed lotions to moist more and more.

Maybe while my skin is not pretty much dry, it may better to use. I apply this just after Albion milks, and after this lotion, I also applied Botanical Force Emulsion. This method was good for me.

I guess for the people with dry skin (like me), you may also need other items to moist.

Guess this Botanical Force may be “Light” type in Fancl’s other lines. If you like more “moist” type, my recommend is Fancl BC Lotion.

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