Ignis VQ Glorious Milk is the best scent among the Albion milks :)

I had just done with this Ignis VQ Glorious Milk, and seems I forgot to take picture. Please let me show you by the same picture with this article: Comparing Albion Infinesse Moisture Milk IA VS VQ Glorious Milk

Ignis Glorious Milk

As I had mentioned before, this milk is runny. MUCH runnier than other Albion or their bunch of this milk.

I guess I have to tell you about the method of use. Face wash first, this milk is second, lotion is the third, final is cream or other. If you have something boosters (like Albion Eclatfture) , please apply this milk after the booster. (See also Albion Skincare Method)

This method is unique for us too. Other Japanese cosmetics companies method is lotion first and emulsion / cream second.

Albion (and their bunch) recommend to use milks by cottons. It is because surface area, and also means removing your dirt on your face what you could not remove by your face wash.

In person, I like applying VQ Milk by my hands 🙂 I dislike cosmetics are sinking to cottons really quickly. I had tested to write comparing articles, this VQ was really quick. This is just my preference, and not there are big reasons. But I recommend to “hand press”, aka wrapping your face by warm hands after applying.

OK, back to reviewing this Ignis Milk.


It is so runny, and the full bottle is a pump style. That’s good. But this small trial sized tube was a little bit silly solution. I had lots of “accidents” 🙁 Anyway, this is not the story about the quality of this cosmetic itself.


If you are a royal audience of my review, you may know I hate artificial perfumes, but I LOVE herbal scent. It made me remind medicated herbals. When I used this, my skin was not good condition. The meditational image was good. I know this perfume is rising this price higher, but I accept it. I am believing “feeling” of comfort is also important factor of skin care.


My skin is combination: oilier and super dry :(( I need water and oil on my “desert” zone of cheeks. I feel this emulsion made me moist my face good with oil.


When my skin is super dry, I feel sting by so many things, but I haven’t feel those uncomfortable with Albion’s milks so far.

Brightening effect

According to Ignis, this milk has brightening effect, and some Japanese reviewers are saying their dull skins are glowing with this milk.

For me… I have a red and uneven part on my cheek, it was left by the super bad condition in this Spring 🙁 It is scaring me to image it is tuning to a dull or a big freckle. After I had done with this small tube, this red is still on my cheek, but I also need to say the shade is coming to even.

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