Awake exfolizer EX has “cooling” effect

Awake exfolizer EX is new for 2015 or 2016. I got a sample of this product, let me review for this.

Awake exfolizer EX is a pre-lotion/ toner.

“Apply this toner after your face wash, and before of your skin care routine. It removes your old keratin” as they claims.

Those “old keratin” removers are mainly for black head pores. I do not have so much big problem of the black head pores, but I need to remove my old keratin to make my skin more smooth.

I got two packs, and once I applied on the cotton, as their recommend.

This toner is harder liquid, and half transparent emulsion.

I wiped my face gently.

It was almost shocking for me that the scent is strong “cypress”, and generally the perfume of cypress in Awake is the taste of my preference, indeed this smell is not cypress but alcohol. I was almost drunken.

I often feel sting or irritation by the products contains strong Alcohol, even my skin condition is good, but fortunately I did not feel anything, and my condition is not pretty good, just not bad.

And I do not know whether it removed my old keratin on my cheeks, I need to let you know that I felt my skin is coming to tight and drier. I needed to go my skin care routine soon.

Second time, I applied this on my hands. I also need to note I felt tight and dry.

I used Albion products after Awake, and for me, I felt there are nothing special.

Checking what Japanese reviewers are saying, it is good as lotion booster. Probably I should better to use something lotion, not milk.

Another extra note, I am not sure whether it is because of the Alcohol or something other ingredients, I felt “cool” after applying this. Checking its ingredients, seems there are no peppermints essence oil. Do you like it? me? not for me. I do not feel it is irritation, but not for me. I know there are someone who like these effect.

Totally to say, I guess it is not for the person who has dry skin, like me. You may find something rough on your cheeks, but it does not so much effective. It may be good for the person who has oilier skin. If you like something “cool” feeling effect, it may nice.

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