Comparing Albion Excia AL Renewing Rich Milk SV VS Extra Rich Milk SV

I (Cherry) was surprised to find I did not compare Excia AL Renewing Rich Milk SV and Extra Rich Milk SV.

Albion milks

Anyway, let me compare them.

Excia AL Renewing Milks

Both are oilier products. I lOVE quality of  Albion Milks, but the biggest con is the very perfume. Excia AL is better than others, for me.

I do not find quite big difference between Rich Milk SV and Extra Rich Milk SV themselves.

Textures afterward both sides of my face, I felt Extra Rich Milk SV is oilier than Rich Milk SV, but I did not feel it was a significant difference.

If you are wondering whether Rich Milk SV or Extra Rich Milk SV, if you feel your skin is dry, maybe both are better, but if you are also feeling you need oil, try Extra Rich SV first, when it is too much, try Rich SV. Once Rich  SV is also too much, just too much, try Exage #3. When Rich SV is not only too much, but also slow to be smooth, try Infinesse, if you like its perfume, it can be better. If you dislike the scent of  Infinesse, try Exage #2.

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