Comparing Cosme Decorte AQ Meliority Repair Emulsion and Albion Excia AL Renewing Milk Exra Rich SV — could not find so much big difference in the quality

When I compared Cosme Decorte AQ Meliority Repair Emulsion and AQMW Repair Milk ER, I felt I should better to compare Meliority and Excia AL Renewing Extra Rich Milk SV, what are heavier than AQMW Repair Milk ER.

Fortunately, I could obtain extra few samples of Cosme Decorte AQ Meliority Repair Milk again.

AQ Meriolity VS Excia
Let me compare them 🙂

I used 3 pushes for Excia AL, as their recommend.

Oh. To be honest, it was not pretty much different products 🙂 it is early Feb, more and more drier than previous months, I feel. I needed something to moist my skin well, both water and oil.

I do not think they are the perfectly the same products, but quite similar. The perfume is not the same, but the milks themselves are not pretty much runny, and oilier…

Both products are for “supple skin”, and I feel my skin is supple enough 🙂

In Albion products, they use strong perfume. Excia Al is better for my preference. Checking what Japanese reviewers are saying, more than 40s often describe AQ Meliority brought their skin supple.  AQ Meliority is more double price of Excia AL, and seems the same target zones are also saying “supple skin”.  Maybe I am too young for those products.

So. I feel both are good products, but I could not find the difference. Just the price!

If you like Excia AL Renewing Extra Rich Milk, and looking for something better to moisturize, AQ Meliority may be one of the choice I can provide. But if you are feeling Extra Rich Milk is too much, AQ Meliority is not for you.

I will keep using Excia AL, especially for super dry season.