Hazelnuts’ Personal Review of Albion Excia AL Whitening items

Talking with Hazelnuts of Philippines, she is interested in brightening, and sounds her skin is not so much dry. I (Cherry) bought Albion Excia AL Whitening Rich Milk SV, and on that season, they sold limited package with small bottles. It is really convenient for my vacation, I am a backpacker, but carry skin care items as same as what I am using at home. I had unopened set, and asked her to tell how she felt.

See how she felt 🙂



I am pleased to review the mini samples of the Albion Excia Al Whitening Line. I’m in my 30s with oily/combination skin that gets dry when there are drastic changes in the environment. I’m quite particular with skincare and because of the extreme heat in the tropics where I live, I look for products that have firming and brightening properties. This line from Albion seems to suit my needs and what I’m looking for in skincare.

I used these products diligently for about a week, and here are my thoughts:

Excia Al Whitening Circulating Watery Cleansing Cream

02 excia al cleansing cream

My everyday makeup includes waterproof sunblock, BB cushion or powder foundation, eyeshadow and lipstick. I must say that this cream removes makeup every well, and leaves a refreshing scent. I don’t have any problems with scented skincare or makeup, in fact I enjoy it, and this one has a very faint scent that is not overpowering.

The consistency is quite good and it spreads easily on skin. I usually remove the residue with tissue and my face feels clean and soft afterwards, not very oily. I’m used to cleansing oils but after using this cream based makeup remover, I must say that it works quite well too.

Excia Al Whitening Circulating Essence Foam

01 excia al circulating foam

I was surprised when I saw how watery this was, because I’m used to facial wash (cream) and bar soaps. Consistency was very fluid and the lather was very soft and light. When I rinsed it off, my skin felt moist. Although it was good and it didn’t cause me breakouts, the watery consistency is not my preference.

I still like cream-based washes or facial soaps because I like the creamy abundant lather that makes my skin feel squeaky clean, probably because I have oily/combination skin.

Excia Al Whitening Rich Milk SV

03 excia al rich milk sv

This is Albion’s unique product which is designed to replenish skin’s moisture levels after washing, and is applied before lotion/toner.

I was skeptical with this because of the mineral oil content, and I was afraid of breaking out. But thankfully I didn’t experience any weird reaction while using this (and I’m still using it now!)

The moistness is just right, I apply less than the recommended amount (which is 3 pumps) to suit my skin’s moisture levels. I use cotton to apply this, and it doesn’t feel greasy at all and is absorbed quickly. I like the way my skin looks after applying this milk, because it completely eliminates dryness and I don’t have that “tight feeling” after washing my face.

Excia Al Whitening Lotion

04 excia al whitening lotion

A lotion/toner that is watery and moist, I apply it after the Whitening Rich Milk and it feels refreshing, with a light scent. It doesn’t dry out my skin and feels slightly cooling when applied.

Excia Al Whitening Stem Nova Cream

05 excia al stem nova cream

This is a smooth, moist cream that seals the moisture in and is supposed to prevent spots and freckles.

I apply a very little amount because it is quite rich, and a pea-sized amount is enough to moisturize my face. I love this as a night cream, and it does provide moisture, not oil.

Using them together

What I like about these products is how they work together so well. I’m exposed to UV rays all year round and even if I use sunblock, I need all the help I can get!

I could see how it brightened my skin after only a few uses.

When I try out new skincare products, my face would “adjust” and I get little bumps here and there, but I did not experience that with the Excia Al Whitening. It kept my face smooth and moist, and I love how bright my skin looks even without makeup. I highly recommend this line to anyone who wants to moisturize and brighten their skin.


Thank you Hazelnuts! It is really glad to hear she felt she skin is getting brighten, what I did not feel for myself.

Anyway, please check the latest price, and order from here: