Japanese Girl’s Beauty Box: Feb 2014 “CHILLY!”

We shipped all of the package of Japanese Girl’s Beauty Box of Feb. It is a time to show you the box.

The Theme of February; CHILLY!
Inside brands; Shiseido, Fancl, Kao, Yuskin
Number of items; 2 Skin Care, 1 Base Make, and 1 Etiquette items

There are no junks, of course!


Shiseido; FWB
Fancl; Rest Eye Gel
Kao: 8×4 Deodorant Essence
Yuskin: Yusikin A

Shiseido; FWB

Full Washable Base. This is a foundation primer. When you apply this primer at first, you can remove 40C degree water ALL OF YOUR MAKE UP!.

At least as a primer, this product has no effect of color controlling. No perfume, and no stinger for me. There are no sunscreen effect. And when you apply waterproof items on this, it is not so easy to remove only by warm water.

Why we chose this item for ‘Chilly!”? Because when it gets warm, we use stronger sunscreen, but when it is colder, we use just wear foundations with weak sunscreen effect.

Fancl; Rest Eye Gel

This product is for tired eyes. I like massaging my eye area with applying this gel.

Why we chose this for “Chilly”? When it gets chilly, my eye area gets drier. This product is not special eye cream, but it also have an effect of moist my eye area.

If you want to try, please order from here; “Fancl; Rest Eye Gel”.


Kao: 8×4 Deodorant Essence

We Japanese Girls also use deodorant items. There are lots of deodorant brands, and this 8×4 (eight-four) is one of the most old brands as I remember.

As I know, air spray type is the most common in here, but unfortunately we can not ship overseas, danger of fire.

I often use this 8×4 Deodorant Essence, this is small, and this is just a pump spray system, so I have no need to worry about this item is on my bag when I take planes.

We chose this perfume free type, because perfumed items smells not pretty good smell for me.

Why we chose this for “Chilly!”? We also get sweat even in winter. And I dislike the smell of winter sweat. I feel it is more stinker than summer sweat. I guess you must use deodorant items in winter too.

Yuskin; Yuskin A
Have you heard about “Yuskin”? This is one of the best seller item as hand cream or body cream in here Japan.

If you have not hears as “Yuskin”, some of you have heard “Yu-Be Cream”. They are the same products by the same maker.

I do not know the reason why they change names in and out of Japan. Anyway, “Yuskin” sounds the mix of “Youth” and “Skin” for us Japanese.

This yellow cream turns whiter when you apply this cream on your skin. To be honest, it is stinker. The smell gets away, not perfectly, on your skin.

This product keep your skin moist pretty well. I often apply my knees and elbows when they turns dry and white.

There are no effect of change your skin color. No worries to use.

Please check the latest box from here; “Japanese Girl’s Beauty Box” or “Japanese Girl’s Beauty Box in JPY Branch”.