Lukin’s Personal Review of Excia AL items

We sent Lukin of the States to review Albion items, last year. She was really busy and tough year in this 2016, it took time. Unfortunately some of what we sent to her was already discontinued.

Anyway, let me show you how she felt.

Albion Excia AL Renewing Extra Rich Milk SV & Renewing Rich Milk SV

After the serum, I applied the EXCIA Renewing Extra Rich Milk.
Excia Renewing

With this product, the serum seemed to sink deeper into my skin. My facial skin felt moisturized, but the product seemed to sit on my skin. I also experienced a bit of stinging sensation with this milk.

There is also a Renewing Rich Milk for this product line that I like during the warm months.

Albion Excia AL Whitening Lotion SV & Renewing Lotion SV

The next step was lotion, and I tried both the EXCIA Whitening and Renewing Lotions.

Then I applied the Albion EXCIA Whitening Lotion SV.
EXCIA Whitening Lotion

This lotion is a milky liquid. Again, I felt the tiniest sensation of stinging after using this

At other times, I used the EXCIA Renewing Lotion SV at this step. This product seemed to be the thickest consistency to me. The smell was quite strong but it faded away.

Once finished, I couldn’t feel the products on my face. When I touched my face, there was no feeling of residue. I believe this line from Albion is for anti-aging. I believe the Eclafutur can be used as a special treatment
with any skincare routine. It is lovely and highly recommended.


The final step was to apply a cream. I used two different types of creams.

The creams I tried were EXCIA external Stem Nova Cream and EXCIA Whitening
Crystal Cocktail. I am not certain if the Cocktail is a cream, but the
package indicated it was Step Four (4).
Excia Cream

Excia AL Whitening External Stem Nova Cream

First, I tried the Whitening External Stem Nova Cream. As I applied the cream, it felt sticky and left a tacky feeling on my skin. My first thought was that my skin felt tight ? like it needed moisture. It wasn’t unpleasant but a strange feeling. Finally, as the product soaked in and dried, I realized that sensation was firmness. My facial skin felt firmer than it has in years!

I would want to try it again before I can recommend it, but for ladies looking to firmness, try this one.

Excia AL Whitening Crystal Cocktail

The next product that I used as a cream was the Whitening Crystal Cocktail.

This was unlike any skincare product I have EVER tried. It felt like a liquid-y serum and the smell was strong. As I applied it to my face, the sensation was pleasant as it easily smoothed onto my face. Surprisingly,
there is no sensation of moisturizing; it actually provided a lovely matte finish. My skin felt slightly plumped. Not swollen or puffy, but as if the skin cells were alert!. As the product soaked in, my facial skin felt pleasantly more moisturized than seemed possible from a small amount of product.

In conclusion, both Stem Nova Cream and the Crystal Cocktail gave interesting results. The cream left a feeling of firmness and the Cocktail left a feeling of hydration. One factor to consider about both products is
that I could feel the product on my face. In reality, I think I am feeling the Firmness and the Hydration. I needed to rinse my hands after both products as there was a bit of sticky residue.

Bottom line for Albion items

When I looked in the mirror, I expected to see bits of cream or product smears. You know that look when you simply use too much skincare products at the same time? I was sure that if I touched my face, the products might slip or peel off, but no. My reflection revealed facial skin that looked moist and healthy! It was amazing and a nice surprise.

Thank you Lukin!

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