Lunasol Control Base gives the impression of brighter skin!

We gave Hazelnuts some samples to review.

Lunsol Modeling Control Base is one of them. Please see how she felt about this foundation primer.

Review by Hazelnuts

Lunasol 1

I will be reviewing the Lunasol Modeling Control Base.

This is a makeup base/primer that aims to enhance the finish of foundation.

It comes in 3 types– 01 Glow, 02 Clear and 03 Lucent. I got no. 03, and it’s a pinkish shade made to brighten and enhance skin tone.

Lunasol 2

I hardly use makeup base for my daily makeup routine, but I am aware that it can give a smoother finish and it can help in makeup application as well as increase longevity / wear time of foundation. I am curious as to how it will work with my skin.

Lunasol 3

As I’ve mentioned, the color is slightly pinkish, and when blended, it gives a slightly luminous finish, not too shimmery, which is good, because shimmery makeup base can make my skin look too oily. In the picture the “blended” one seems too white–however when blended/smoothed out properly, it does not leave a white cast—-rather, it gives the impression of brighter skin.

The texture is light and creamy, and it spreads and applies easily. Thankfully, the pink tones are subdued and it just gives the right amount of glow. I normally stay away from pink tones myself, but this one works for me. Coverage is very sheer, and again, this is a makeup base, and it is meant to enhance, not cover.

That being said, it is a very good makeup base. It gives foundation or tinted moisturizer a smooth and natural finish. It also extends the wear of foundation, and it has enough moisture content to make foundation cling softly to the skin, without the unsightly dry patches.


Thank you very much! Hazelnuts!

Note by Cherry

I had used the previous formula of this foundation primer.

The bad point of this product is sunscreen/ sunblock effect. It has only SPF27・PA++, in the previous formula. In this formula, it is SPF30・PA++. It is getting better, isn’t it?

Please check the color and the latest price from here; “Lunasil Modeling Control Base“.