10 days national holidays in the end of April to early of May 2019

Regularly, we have many national holidays from the last week of April to early May.

This year of 2019, the Accession is scheduled on the 1st of May, and due to the calendar, we have long national holidays from 27th of April to 6th of May.

During the holidays I will be in my hometown, and we open the store. I will keep accepting your order, and will be glad to pick yours up, but things are a bit slower than usual.

Your order during 22nd of April to 30th of April, the shipping will be delayed.

It is 25th of April, when the final obsession before the holidays of Albion, Cosme Decorte, and Ignis, and will be shipped on 26th.

While 27th of April to 6th of May.

Obsession: Items that I buy from the net or phone are expected to be delayed. Albion or Cosme Decorte stores are open, but when items are out of stock, it can take time for them to be restored.

Shipping: The earliest shipping day will be on 7th of May. Banks and local post offices are closed during the holidays.

If you want to order something, I strongly recommend to do it as soon as possible.