Orbis U Night Memory Moisture may be for those who are oil prone

As one of my friends recommend, I bought Orbis U trial kit.
orbis u set

I was satisfied with Orbis U Moist Up Lotion, but I was eager to have something to wrap.

Orbis U Night Memory Moisture is a face cream for night. Apply after your lotion.

orbis u night memoty moisture

It is unique that this is not a cream but a shape memory gel.

orbis u night memory

I took few from this jar, but keeping it for few mins, finally the surface of the jar will be flat (as the gravity).

It is unique, and I know they let us feel it will lift up or keeping better shape, but as I tell you it is coming to be flat as the gravity.

Anyway, how I felt.

The function of lifting up, I felt nothing. If you are looking for something lifting your face line up, my recommend is Albion Infinesse Derma Pump Milk.

My skin was well moisturized by the Moist Up Lotion, afterward of this gel cream, my face surface is really sticky. There are less oily thing, but I could feel something “wrap”.

Not pretty bad, but not wonderful for my skin. I prefer something oils more than this gel cream.

If you are an oil prone, you may like this night memory moisture.

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