Personal Review of Elixir Superieur Cleansing Foam N

I (Cherry) have just done with a face wash; Elixir Superieur Cleansing Foam 1 Light.

Let me share with you my personal review of this product. I will go to use 2 Moist soon too.

This is a trial size, 14g, there are no this size for sale, but you can try 35g.


The perfume is not pretty strong, and this fresh floral smell is not so bad for me.

It is easy to make bubble, it is not so hard one, but each of the bubbles are quite small.

When I use strong face wash, my skin turns to dry, this face wash is yes, stronger, and for oily skin. I have done with this product when it was heat—35C degrees high every day, my face was full of sweat, oil, and at least sunscreen. I used makeup cleanser, and this face wash is always after the make up remover. This double wash method is sometimes pointed out as it makes my skin drier. I was a little bit worried it makes my skin drier. For me, I had no need to worry about it. I felt just refreshed.

If you are looking for something new face wash, and you like refreshing face wash, I recommend to use this 1 Light.

Please check the latest price, and order from here; “Shiseido