Awake Herbal Barrier is very light and non-sticky :)

Review by Hazelnuts

We again obtained the sample, and I felt this may be for Hazelnuts who says she has oily-combination skin.

see how see felt πŸ™‚


I was given samples of the Awake Herbal Barrier Cream to try. It’s my first time to try their skincare range. I have tested the Mineral Black Soap for cleansing, and I found it very compatible with my skin type, so I’m curious as to how this particular product will perform.

Awake Herbal barrier 1

Upon opening the sample, there is a mild herbal scent, fresh and soothing.


This cream has a watery texture, kind of like an emulsion, and is easily absorbed by the skin. My face feels sufficiently moisturized afterwards, in a very light and non-sticky way.

Awake Herbal Barrier swatch

Because of my oily-combination skin, it’s important for me to maintain water and oil balance to avoid possible breakouts or blemishes. So far I’m happy to report that I did not have a bad reaction while using this cream. It’s light and soothing, and I like the scent as well. I used it alone to see the effects, but I assume that moisture will increase when it is used in conjunction with other products from the same line, such as the Awake lotion or toner.

I would say this is a very good moisturizer for summer, or when the weather gets too humid. Also excellent for anyone who has oily skin, because of its watery texture.


Thank you! Hazelnuts!

Below is a review by Cherry who has drier-combination skin.

Review by Cherry (written in 2015)

I (Cherry) obtained a sample of Awake Herbal Barrier. This is an emulsion. Please let me share with you my review.

I liked Awake Herbal Server,Β  Awake Herbal Vitalizing Deep Hydrator, andΒ Awake Herbal Vitalizing Moisture Fluid. But their makeup removers are not for me.

When I opened, I liked its weak herbal scent, but I was also afraid that it could be too strong for my sensitive skin. Sometimes herbal items are too strong, and cause pain.

Awake Hearbal Barrier

I applied this with a little bit worrying, but there are no stinger. That’s so good.

Compared with Moisture Fluid, this is not an oily emulsion as I had expected. Awake says this Awake Herbal Barrier is for Winter to Spring. They also have Awake Herbal Barrier Oil Free (O/F) is for Summer. For my skin, this is not enough I had thought. If you are looking for emulsions which have herbal scent and less oily, it might be for you.

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