Chicca Mesmeric Wet Lip Oil is nice to change the finish of matte lips

On this AW2016, there are so many items what I was tempted. This Chicca Mesmeric Wet Lip Oil is one of them.
I bought #01 Angel Blood. Let me share my review with you.

Chicca Wet Lip Oil



At first let me show you the tip and the bottle.

Chicca Wet Lip Oil TipChicca Wet Lip Oil Bottle

Better hygienic.

And of course they recommend to tissue off when you return the tip on the bottle. To be honest, I needed to let it back 3 times to apply on my lips, and I always wipe.


Let me show you on my arm.

Chicca Wet Lip Oil 01

You will see there is color, but on my lip, I could not see the color.


Let me apply this on Chicca Mesmeric Lip Line Stick #02 Pink Denim

With Chicca

I pretty like that lip stick. I had thought this oil gloss will be fit for that one.


YES! It is the very what I was looking for!

And fortunately, there are no perfume, and of course I was not pealed — I am often pealed by lips.

As of 5th of Sep, seems #03 is pretty hard to obtain for you. As I know, it is also a regular product, and I hope they will fill pretty soon!

Please check the latest price, and order from here: “Chicca Makeups for lip