Personal Review of d Program Conditioning Wash

I (Cherry ) share my personal review of d Program Conditioning Wash is a face wash. d Program by Shiseido is designed for sensitive skins.

This is a trial size, from trial kit.

With water, I could make bubble easier.

It is the very  biggest point for me that there are no cheap perfume. I rarely use Shiseido, because they often add strong smell of cheap perfume, sometimes it makes me headache. But there are no problem with this line.

This d Program is for sensitive skin, but this face wash might be designed for quite oily skin, I am sure. Now, my skin is already turned to a little bit oily for summer. This is good for me now. But I hesitate to use this product when it tunes to dry, and according to H, one of the girls behind me and who has dry skin, this is a little bit strong. I guess this is not strong like Creamy Soap S (see Cherry’s Personal Review for RMK Creamy Soap S). I recommend this product for young people or oily skins.

Please check the latest price, and order from here;”d Program Conditioning Wash“.