Ignis VQ BRIGHTENING CLEANSING EX removes completely, with nice scent

Ignis is by Albion, and compared with Albion’s “Albion” lines, “Ignis” is a brand of “good price”, but the price level of VQ is mid of Infinesse and Excia AL.

They changed the formula few by few since 2017. The VQ Brightening Cleaning EX is for SS2018.

In this time, it is a sample.

This Ignis VQ Brightening Cleaning EX is a creamy makeup remover.

Ignis VQ Cream

I liked the previous formula, and had bought.

Previously, the Ignis VQ Brightening Cleaning N was on a jar, but the current formula of VQ Brightening Cleaning EX is a tube type. I guess it is more friendly to use.

I am a person stupidly attracted by the magic words like “organic” “herbal” etc… Indeed they are not always good or effective or even gentle for our sensitive skin. I can use Ignis VQ line, but I can not always use other Ignis products.

Anyway, let me talk about this new Ignis VQ Brightening Cleansing EX.

This is a cream makeup remover. In my experience, oil makeup removers or cream makeup removers are MUCH better than milk/ gel / liquid removers.

Makeup to be removed

OK, here you are.

In the first touch, it does not remove well.

Ignis VQ first touch

Several touch, it started to remove.

Ignis VQ massage

Good! The Pola BA Colors Lipstick is quite good lasting, and some makeup removers are not able to remove.

Ignis VQ Remover finish

.It will be just oily (dirty oil…) on your face, your makeup will be removed. Wiping by tissues or rinse well by water. My recommend is using face wash too.

After removing my makeup, I felt my skin was nicely moist. 🙂

The perfume is herbal. This is another nice point. I like this scent.

Frankly to say, I am an oil makeup remover user, oil removers are quick to remove my makeup. Cream removers are not quicker than oil removers. I use removers at bath time. Not showering time. Hmm. This is the bad point.

Please check the latest price, and order from here: Ignis VQ Brightening Cleansing EX.