Shiseido Anessa Essence UV Aqua Booster is a good waterproof sunscreen for body & face

This product is already discontinued. There are no fellow products, the near product can be, Shiseido Anessa Perfect UV Skin Care Milk

Review by Cherry

I bought a small bottle of Shiseido Anessa Essence UV Aqua Booster for SS2017. We Japanese girls sometimes call this sunscreen as “Anessa, silver bottle”.

Anessa Essence Aqua booster

In this Essence UV Aqua Booster is for face and body. My skin is sensitive, and it is too risky to use this for my face, I do not do for my face.

Anyway, let me share with my review.

Shake well before applying.

It has perfume, but not pretty much strong.

Anessa on arm

Old school sunscreens often make my skin “white”, super ugly. But as the recent products, it never happen with this Anessa, formula of 2016.

Anessa blend

This product is waterproof, stronger waterproof. Let me drop water by Avene.

Anessa with Water

Seems good.

Anessa Essence After Water touched

Shiseido insists this sunscreen is “aqua booster”, this sunscreen effect is stronger when it is wet.

This silver one is for outdoor and sports, and this is “moist” type. I feel this is light texture, and when I touch the place where I applied, I feel “there are something oilier” things.

It is not the season of wearing this on my arms and legs yet (I wear sweater, it is still March). I hope it works well!

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Review by Hazelnuts of Philippines

I gave a bottle for Hazelnuts of Philippines to be reviewed.

See how she felt.

Anessa Essence UV 1

Cherry has sent me the Ansessa Essence UV Sunscreen Aqua Booster for review. Anessa is a staple for me, and I’m currently using the Perfect UV (Gold) variant. I’m curious to see whether this one will perform well.

Essence UV Sunscreen is supposedly a more moisturizing version of the Anessa line. It has hyaluronic acid GL to hydrate skin, coupled with Aqua Booster Technology and Light Stamina Technology, which gives better sun protection by reacting with minerals in perspiration and water, and releasing energy from UV light. It is also suited for outdoor activities, like the Perfect UV variant.

Anessa Essence UV 2

Upon applying the product, I noticed that it has a watery, fluid texture, but it is considerably more moist, and essence-like compared to Perfect UV. It has a slippery, slightly thick feel, and I’m not sure if it’s the silicone or the hyaluronic acid. I am used to milky, lightweight textures in my sunscreen so I am a bit surprised with this one.

Anessa Blended

I was afraid it might feel heavy and cause me to break out. Thankfully, after a few minutes I am left with a smooth face, with no sticky or heavy feeling. It does not leave a white cast on skin.

I applied this underneath powder foundation. My makeup went on smoothly and was in place the whole day, no caking or patchiness at all. For such a moist texture, I was surprised that it did not interfere with my makeup.

What I like about Anessa Aqua Booster is that I can easily remove it with face wash and water. No need for cleansing oils and the like.
And even though I have combination skin, it did not make me feel oily. I have not yet tried this with liquid foundation, so it may have a different effect.

Bear in mind that it contains both physical and chemical UV filters, so please take note, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Because of its moist texture, I feel that I can use this alone. People with dry skin may feel otherwise. For combination skin like mine, this would be good sunscreen to use in colder weather.

This product is already discontinued. There are no fellow products, the near product can be, Shiseido Anessa Perfect UV Skin Care Milk