Personal Review of SUQQU Lighting Liquid

SUQQU Lighting Liquid is a foundation primer, this is limited for SS2015.

SUQQU’s foundations, Frame Fix series are the foundations “you do not need foundation primers”. And it covers my uneven skin tone pretty well. If you do not have particular problem like uneven skin torn or freckles, SUQQU might be too much for you. (My recommends are THREE’s liquid or ADDICTION Dewy Grow.)

Anyway, I (Cherry) got a sample of SUQQU Lighting Liquid, please let me share with you.

There are no SUQQU foundations, even samples now, I chose RMK Creamy Foundation N, because the maker of SUQQU and RMK are the same, and I guess RMK Creamy Foundation N is also covering good (SUQQU Cream Foundation N is better, I am sure).

Let me show you my arm with this primer.

You will see my arm is “white” now. Vividly. You can not go outside without foundations! Today, I apply RMK Creamy Foundation N. The color is 102, this is the very the color of my arm.

It is smoother, finally.

Without this under foundation and foundation, my arm skin torn is naturally uneven. Frankly to say, with RMK Makeup Base (foundation primer), this RMK Cream foundation N does not cover pretty well.

Here you are. You can compare them. Oops, my previous picture is a little bit better than recent!!!

(From Personal Review of RMK Creamy Foundation N)

There are quite small, elegant small glitters.

Those two: changing your skin color more brighter, and this glitter, SUQQU named this product as “Lighting”, I am sure.

RMK Creamy Foundation N is matte, of course this is a cream foundation, it is not matte like powder foundations, but as a cream foundation, I guess this is more matte than others. To be honest, I could not think feel this is “lighting”.

However this SUQQU Lighting Liquid is a primer, covering my skin pretty well. If you have foundations which does not cover well, try to change your foundation primer to this one.

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