Personal Review of SUQQU Make Fix Mist R

I (Cherry) got a small size of SUQQU Make Fix Mist R.

SUQQU Make Fix Mist

If you are a person, whose makeup is running so easily, it can be one of the solutions.Β There is one makeup method: using powders a lot. According to them, the method is below.

  1. Blend your foundation (liquid or cream) a lot, really a lot
  2. Use loose powders a lot, really a lot
  3. Spray your mist lotions a lot, really a lot
  4. Place a tissue softly on your face

Yes, this mist lotion by SUQQU is for such products.

However this method is for the person who has an oily skin, I do not think my skin condition is oily, I hesitate to do that. Please do not ask me about this method.


Checking what Japanese reviewers are saying, this SUQQU Make Fix Mist R is a product, if you have a drier skin and apply usual makeup, and finally apply this. Your makeup is keeping well moisturized.

I did.

  • Foundation: IPSA Powder foundation
  • Makeup: RMK Christmas Palette (2016, limited)
  • Eyeliner: THREE (discontinued)


Seems it will be ok to spray 3 pushes for whole a face, Seems I did too much.

When I did it to my face… hmm… To be honest, I thought β€œso, what?”. Probably, this product is not for me πŸ™‚

If you wanna do that method I wrote above, you can use your daily lotion with spray bottle πŸ™‚

Please check the latest price, and order from here: β€œSUQQU Make Fix Mist R”.