Shade Swatch of Albion Excia AL and SUQQU

We just got a question.
・What is the yellowest shade of Albion Excia AL foundation?
・I am mixing with #002 & #003 in SUQQU Frame Fix Foundation N.

The reply from Cherry is:
・Excia AL foundation is pink. Haven’t swatched #OCs, but I guess #NAs are not for you.

Anyway, still there are Albion Excia AL Superior Cream Foundation #NA201 & Excia AL Cool Emulsion VX #NA211, and SUQQU Frame Fix Moist Foundation N #102 & Lasting Pact N #003. All of they are standard shades.

Can you see?

In my eyes, my arm skin is not such pink, but yellow. I took many pictures, but this version is the most easy to see the shades.

Anyway, let me show you detail.

SUQQU #102 & Excia AL #NA201

102 & 201

Those two are not pretty much different shades in this picture, and in my eyes too. But SUQQU is medium coverage and natural finish in my eyes. Albion Excia AL Foundations are the most full coverage foundations as I had texted.

Excia AL #NA201 & SUQQU #003

na201 & 003

Nothing to say 🙂

SUQQU #003 & Excia AL #NA211

Hope you can see the #NA211.
003 & na211

In this picture, #NA211 is almost the same shade with my skin. In my eyes, #NA211 is a little bit lighter, pinkish lighter than my arm. #003 is the net beige ochre for my eyes. If you are using #003, I guess #NA211 is too pinkish.

There are no pictures, but I had tested Albion Excia AL #OC 101 on my face. I remember it was too light for me, that’s all.

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