Albion Excia AL WHITENING IMMACULATE ESSENCE IDD is for booster for the skin condition

Albion Excia AL WHITENING IMMACULATE ESSENCE IDD is a new formula of Whitening Immaculate Essence EX, what was often ordered. This is new for SS2016.

Excia Immaculate IDD

One of the girls working for us is a repeater of IDD, and she gave us a sample bottle for me.

excia IDD

What “IDD” means? Seems Kojic Acid IDD, but please do not ask us what it is, anyway, according to them, this is good for brightening.

The liquid is creamy emulsion.


How to use

What I got was samples, but see the product page of us, you will find 28 small bottles. This is 28 days circle to get your skin more brighten.

  1. Take first half (of the bottle) on your palm, apply and massage gently.
  2. Take the rest of all on your palm, and apply on your face.

how to use

Finally, wrap your face by your hands, and pull up your face line.

I recommend to apply this with seeing a mirror, massage & fixing things well.

How Cherry Felt?

I got some samples, of course not for 28 bottles. People often use this when their skin is tired, of course there are many people use this at all for 4 weeks, as Albion recommends.

When I used the first pack, my skin condition was quite good. It had perfume, but not strong like others in Albion brand, this is the first good point. I did not feel anything pain.

When I opened the second pack (last night), my skin condition is bad. It was venturesome that is using not familiar products. I did not change my skin care routine from what I used when my skin was so good condition. It was not the first time, and products under Excia AL does not harm my skin so far. I felt my skin is so tired.

Basically, I am satisfied with my skin is still supple. But now, I feel my skin is so tired and rough, with Acnes on my mouth to chin.

I did not change anything (life style, foods, skin care and makeup, etc)  from when my skin condition was good, seems it is because of a seasonal thing with my period, last year, I was also bad skin condition in Spring, maybe pulled a trigger by Astalift.

I need to admit I got something pain on one part of my cheek, it was a pin-pointed sting, maybe there is a pimple or something. Fortunately, it went so quickly. Of course I did not used this on my mouth to chin, there are few acnes and “wanna be acnes”, I used other products for Acne Care.

I massaged my face (with first half, and second half),  without mirror in this time. I felt my face was coming to more smoother, and “supple”. I felt my face line was pulled up.

In this morning, I “felt”, just I “felt” my skin condition was better than yesterday. It can be also because of the longer sleep 🙂

But there was one bad point: white dusts. I could not take pictures well.

As I said, last night, I did not see mirrors. Seems some not fixed on my face was left, and when I touched my face, I found some white dusts on my hands.

I recommend apply this with seeing mirrors and fix well 🙂

Oh Brightening? I don’t feel it is working so well.

Checking other people are saying

Checking what Japanese reviewers are saying, I could not find because this is not released yet, they are just giving people samples now. But in previous formula, some says they found their skin is brighten in the first bottle.

The way of the repeater of IDD

According to the repeater of IDD, she is using this product as a special booster for her skin condition. When she felt her skin is tired/ before of some important meeting etc…

Her way is a kind of unique. She uses 2 bottles for 3 nights.

  1. Use of bottle for the first night, close the cap again, and place upside down
  2. Use the second bottle for the first night, close the cap again, and place upside down
  3. Open the two opened bottles, and use at all

Because the “liquid” is really creamy, still almost of 1/3 of the quantity is left on the bottle 😀

For her, this product is neither so much expensive, nor super affordable. And seems for her, the 3 nights method is fitting for her skin 🙂

Please check the latest price, and order from here:  Albion Excia AL WHITENING IMMACULATE ESSENCE IDD, or in JPY Branch!

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