How to open FANCL bottles? pumps? tubes? and what this numbers on the box means?

There are some questions

There are some questions about Fancl products. Let me answer and tell you : one by one.

How to use pump items?

First is “pump” items. They are “Essence” or “Emulsion”, Fancl uses pumps.

How to open the pumps?  all you need is simply pull up the cap twice.

There are two kinds of pumps, but as a user, there are no big difference. Simply, pull up the cap.

Here is a Whitening Essence.

1) Pull up the silver cap

Fancl Whitening

2) Pull up the second cap (guess you need to twist)

Fancl Cap

When you pull up the silver cap, I guess some will confuse there are something blocked. It means this bottle is unopened. I feel this is really hygienic.

To open this part, when you pull up, it is not easy. TWIST.

Pulling up with twisting.

Fancl pump double cap

Here you are 🙂

The end of Essence

Some products.

Fancl over

When something to “window”  on the back. When you see Red or Blue or something, it is nearing the end of use — the quantity left is for 7-10 days. Time to order us 🙂


Emulsion is more easier than lotion. In this formula, this emulsion is a pump system. Good!
Open the outside cap.
Fancl Emulsion Cap in Cap
You will see it is a small cap too.

Pull up or just turn on, you can rid off this small cap.
Fancl Emulsion
Here you are! This also a good hygienic. This is the reason why I return to Fancl.

How to open the lotion?

I (Cherry) will answer you one of the most searched words, “How to open FANCL items?”

I guess you will find an instruction on the package too, but when I send you items, they are all written in Japanese.

We found a guide, but written in Japanese. Hope you can understand what it means in the picture.
Fancl Lotion Cap

Take the white cap, and remove the yellow ring.
Fancl Lotion Cap out

And put the white cap back.
Fancl Lotion Cap Back
You can use now. I guess this is a good hygienic solution.

And you can also rid off the guide, but I do not recommend.
Fancl Lotion Tape
uhh. remained…

the numbers means when it is made


I found Fancl has “something”, and it means when they produce, on the picture above, they produced this emulsion on 3rd of March, 2016. It will be expired 1 year later when you do not open, and it will be expired 60 days later after you open it.