Albion Excia AL WHITENING IMMACULATE ESSENCE MXC is for booster for the skin condition

“Immaculate” is a lightning product in Albion, and it is often ordered for us. Albion Excia AL WHITENING IMMACULATE ESSENCE IDD is changed to Albion Excia AL WHITENING IMMACULATE ESSENCE MXC for SS2019. Release in 18th of April.

This picture “box” is the previous formula of “IDD”, but in “MXC”, still they keep these 28 small bottles style.

It seems “IDD” is from Kojic Acid IDD, but please do not ask us for more details. According to Albion, it is an ingredient for brightening.

The difference between the previous formula of “IDD” and “MXC”, “MXC” is more runnier than IDD, and easy to be absorbed. The BC of Albion insisted me to “it was made with consulting(?) the brightening laser mechanism brbrbrbrbr”… I really do not find out the exact mechanism and guess she does not understand, please do not ask me.

I got a sample of new MXC, please let me review it for you.

Runny texture of MXC

Immaculate MXC is an emulsion.

Immaculate MXC

Just for your information, here I show you the previous IDD, it is really creamy.


In my experience of IDD, it was too rich and not quick to be absorbed, and pretty easy to leave ugly white residue on my face.

In MXC, there are no white residue, what IDD often left

In IDD, there was one bad point: white leftover film, see the picture below.

IDD dust

When I applied IDD without seeing  a mirror. I must not have massaged the product into my skin enough because when I touched my face, there was a white film on my hands.

This is why I recommend applying this when you can see a mirror and be sure you massage it in well.

But fortunately, in this new formula of MXC, it is runny and more and more easier to be absorbed. I do not find anything leftover IDD did.

How to use

You will find the product is in, 28 small bottles. To get the best brightening effect for your skin, use one bottle a day for a 28 day cycle.

  1. Pour first half (of the bottle) into palm, apply to face, massage until set
  2. Pour the rest into your palm, apply to face, massage again
  3. Finally, wrap your face with hands and gently pull up your facial skin to smooth and fix

how to use

How Cherry Felt?

I got some samples, of course not for 28 bottles. Some people will use this product when their skin is tired and needs a boost. Many people use this product every day for 4 weeks, as Albion recommends.

When I used the first sample pack, my skin condition was not superb it was my period in March. In March to April, I often get my skin sensitive, and it is before of my period when my skin is turning to super sensitive. They mean I was on they way to be recovering from really bad skin condition.

I needed something to boost my skin condition.

The product of MXC was perfumed but not as strongly as other products in the Albion brand. This was the first good point.

Fortunately, and as I had expected, I did not feel any stinging or anything sensation, but if you are in bad skin condition, please pay attention. I know Albion and Excia line, and the previous formula of IDD, I know they were not so harmful for me, at least so far.

Well, I am satisfied that my skin is still supple. But now, my skin feels tired and rough, and acne broke out the skin around my mouth and chin.

I did not change anything (lifestyle, foods, skin care and makeup, etc) from when my skin condition was good.  It seems it is a monthly occurrence with my period and the season of Spring!

I massaged my face (with first half, and second half). I felt my face was becoming smoother, and “supple”. I felt my face line was pulled up.

This morning when I awoke, I just I “felt” my skin condition was MUCH better than yesterday. This may have been because I was able to sleep longer and feel rested.

I am not sure about the brightening effect, but I was really satisfied with it boosted my skin condition 🙂

Checking other people are saying

In person, I don’t feel it is working very well for brightening. It maybe I had used only few sample package.

I looked to see what other Japanese reviewers are saying. Some reviewers said that their skin was brightened after using the first bottle. Simply I envy them 🙂

The way of the repeater of IDD

The texture of IDD and MXC are different. IDD is much creamy than MXC. I am not sure whether the way of IDD is working for MXC or not, but tried to remain.

According to the regular user of IDD, she uses this product as a special booster for her skin condition.  For example, she uses it when her skin feels tired or before an important meeting, etc…

She uses the product in a unique way. She uses 2 bottles for 3 nights.

  1.  For the first night, she uses the one bottle, then she closes the cap again, and places the bottle upside down
  2. On night two, she uses the one bottle, then she closes the cap again, and places the bottle upside down
  3. On the third night, she opens both of the opened bottles and uses all that has drained to the top of the bottle

Because the IDD was really creamy, after finishing one bottle, almost of 1/3 of the quantity is left on the bottle after being stored upside down. That amounts to about one full bottle when the two
remaining bottles’ content are combined. This product is something she can afford but it is not cheap. So
there is a cost savings and the 3 nights method is fitting for her skin.

Please check the latest price, and order from here:  Albion Excia AL Whitening Line