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Do you have any questions or have a special request for new items? Feel free to ask us! We will reply to your email within two Japanese business days. We strive to provide our customers with excellent communication, but we NEVER reply to spam.

Under 2020-2021 International shipping is not normal. As we had described in the “Notification” page, we suspended to commerce with those who has not commerced with us yet. users Please tell us other mail address. We often have report of e-mail delivery failed to accounts, and we do not have such reports to or, or other. We are happy if you do not use address. It is for your safety shopping.

Custom Orders:: If you would like to place a custom order with us, please feel free to ask us.  Do not forget the country in which we need to ship to 🙂 We can purchase special requests items for custom orders, or we may add that product to the website for purchase.

In order to provide quality customer service, Cherry’s Japanese Cosmetics will fulfill orders from our website before answering inquiries about custom orders. All custom orders require pre-payment.  We will process the special requests in the order in which we receive payment. The payment gateway is Paypal only. We send you an invoice through Paypal.

Please check our Custom Order Policy too.

Wholesale: Go Wholesale page, please.

Discount:  Our prices are based upon the quality of the product and the specialized service that Cherry’s provides. The product prices are fair and are NOT open for negotiation. As a special treat for our regular customers, we often increase the discount amount on a coupon.

It is against Cherry’s Japanese Cosmetics policies to provide deeply discounted prices to people who have not ordered us. Please do not ask for special discounts or argue with us about prices. Emails requesting price negotiation or unwarranted discounts will be considered spam and will not be answered.

Samples:  We know that everyone loves cosmetics samples! We do not always have samples, but if a customer requests samples when placing an order, we are happy to include them when they are available.

Working with Cherry’s Cosmetics: If another company is interested in working with Cherry’s Japanese Cosmetics, do not send the same generic email that is sent to all companies. We will not respond to these spam-like emails. If you are interested in partnership, please send a proposal with detailed information of what your company can provide to our company.

Individuals who are interested in proofreading to help with our website. Please see this link (Help us and Get Discount Coupon!) for more information.  If you are really want to work with us, please ask us. Minimum required are, MA degree (we do not welcome students, even PhD course), native English speaker, and loving cosmetics!

We look forward to serving new patrons and developing a great relationship with all of our customers. Thank you for contacting Cherry’s Japanese Cosmetics!