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We are brushing our site up. In this time, we are looking for some people who can proofread and edit some of our contents.


  1. Must Native English Speakers. You can apply if you are not born in those countries, but live in more than 20years.
  2. Must have MA degree or more from taught in English universities. Preferred degree; English, Teaching English for non-native English speakers.
  3. Must have experience of proofread—academic or non-academic
  4. Must have experience of working at retail selling at the USA, Canada, the UK, France, Germany or Australia, where are our main customers are . Part time job is very enough. If you have not worked at these countries above, please describe your strength you can serve us
  5. Must LOVE Cosmetics
  6. Preferred you had commerce with us


  1. By our discount coupon for future business. (Learn our Discont Coupons. Guide to use coupons)
  2. Price rate is different from each proofreaders, but all the proofreaders start from USD0.10 per a word. (For BA degrees only, the starting rate is USD0.60 per a word)


  1. We apply the proofreaders in the list to do by e-mail.
  2. Respond us to do or not for next 24 hours. You can reject when you are busy or sick etc. We will ask you again. You can tell notify us your busy period. But when you reject without pre-notice or no response straight 3 times, we rid you of from the proofreaders list. If still you want to help us, please apply from here. The payment rate is back to USD0.10  or 0.60 per a word
  3. Give us back your proofread by mail. Just describe your proofread directly on the mail
  4. When you can proofread for us, please done with next 7 days. If you could not finish within this period, we do not pay you. When you finish earlier, or if you give us great idea to brush that page up, we are glad to give you extra bonus
  5. We may ask you some questions. When you add more sentences in this stage, of course we pay you
  6. The proofread sentences must be write directly on the reply.
  7. You will get the unique coupon code, which is effective for 3 months. If you have already had a coupon code; because of the business, or proofreading, we add your income on the coupon code which you already have, and extend for extra 3 months

We are looking forward your applying!

Apply from here

Please fulfill here, and do proofread “Process” section as test proofreading.

We had some passive offensive or mansplaining massage. I know you are not such kind of them.

Currently, we prefer people living in Australia, USA, and Canada.