Notification: We accept the orders from repeaters (for limited countries) since 1st of June!


Under the COVID-19 days, we are fine. It is a rural area with easy access to hospitals, the patients of COVID-19 in my area are fully traced.

In Japan, logistics are no problem, so far. I decided to stop accepting your new order, temporary. I decide to rebooting!

As the first stage, I serve for the repeat customers only.

Because the logistics in Japan are slower and the customs to exporting will be slower.

Also it is still less that the flights between Japan to abroad. Japan Post do not accept the parcels to most of the countries. It is because many countries are less working in the customs and logistics now, it takes really long to be delivered. Or probably this is the physical reason that there are actually less flights between here and yours. They are not able to ship.

The countries/ cities we start accept your order are below.

  • Hong Kong & Macau
  • Taiwan
  • Singapore
  • Malaysia
  • Thailand
  • South Korea
  • Canada

Situation is changing so quickly. Nobody knows what is happening in the next. This is the reason why I do not accept the orders from those who has not commerced with us yet. I need to communicate with you.

Also, the shipping method is always by EMS. There are no other choice to discount the shipping. Please expect it takes more than usual.

Do not worry for your placed order!

For those people who has ordered us and not shipped yet, we are going to do as soon as possible.

For those who has ordered us the pre-order/ limited products released on 20th of April. We have already obtained your products, and sending mails directly each other. So far, all the customers categorised in this section had chosen EMS when it is settle down. Please check your countries situation carefully.

Please keep washing your hands carefully. When you feel your hands are dried, and getting lough, please use hand creams, you do not need to import from Japan! And keep yourself on your house.

We tell you when we are able to accept your order.

Stay safe!
健健康康 平平安安

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