Are you running physical cosmetic stores? Or day spa?

We appreciate and have good relationships with our repeat customers. It is also important that we consider the balance between wholesales service and the customers service we provide to our frequent shoppers.

We are also and always looking for new collaboration, but the current and actual frequent & wholesale customers  are our priority.

Once you have obtained your products from us, we do not mind how they are used. Shopping as a Wholesale Customer may be an option for you.

Before we start talking about wholesale business, please submit an order so we can get to know each other.

Oh, I forgot to tell you. We do NOT welcome drop shipping, thank you very much for your understanding, in advance.

4 Steps

Step 1: Place an order with us for more than JPY100,000 in our JPYBranch. We regularly receive such large orders from one person and are pleased to work with them.

Step 2: We will quickly send you automated email notification. Please reply to that email with the following message in the subject line, “To submit wholesale”.

Step 3: When purchasing in the JPY Branch, there is no discount following the first order. After your second order, we will give you 0.5% discount code for use on your next order. Out profit is less than 5% in JPY Branch, do not expect we are going discount more than 3%.

Step 4: To keep the status of a Wholesale Customer, you must order from us more than once every 30 days . Please remember, the minimum order to keep this status is JPY100,000 in the JPY Branch.

Due to we have gave up whole sale service in Main Store, if you want to have items in Main Store, but not in JPY Branch, please feel free to ask us.

Note: Some countries (especially the States & Germany), when the box value is more than JPY60,000, the ratio of “accident” or delay of delivery is significantly up.


The only payment method we accept is by Paypal. You can use your credit card through Paypal. Even you have agents in Japan, do not ask us to accept bank transfers.

Please tell us about specific brands particular items

We are glad to have your questions, but we need what kind of products you want to have. We can not give you any answer without information including specific brands, particular items. Thank you!!