Which is the best quality foundation?

We just got a question about which foundation is the best quality.
I guess it may be good for answering on the article with sharing other people.

Simply it is up to what kind of foundations you are looking for. Just “quality”, the best may be Albion Excia AL Superior Cream Foundation, it is a great foundation, and also ordered pretty often.

But do you choose foundations just because of the “quality”? but how define “quality”?

Ranking By ordered

At first, I will show you the ranking of other customers are ordering.

1st: Albion Excia AL Superior Cream Foundation EX

This is the best of the best seller for us, previous formula was also well ordered, this formula too. This is the very full coverage. The price is far from affordable, but some people will use it for 6 months (for the previous formula). I also tried this, and I LOVE this quality, but the perfume is not my taste, sadly.

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2nd: Kanebo Twany Century the Foundation N

This is also well ordered and repeated. Not bad.

3nd: Albion Excia AL Lifting Emulsion Moist  & Lifting Emulsion White
Sum of the both may be over the Superior Cream. I do not remember pretty well, but as I wrote, they are a little bit less coverage than Superior.

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See also: Cherry’s Personal Review of Albion Excia Al Lifting Emulsion White

4th: THREE Flawless Ethereal Fluid Foundation
This foundation is sheer coverage, and this is also well repeated. I like this new formula, the shape is by pump. And the price is so affordable. Ah, in the liquid foundation, this is the most ordered and repeated (especially by Russian)

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5th: SUQQU Extra Rich Cream Foundation 
This is also well ordered. Haven’t used this new formula. It is on my list now 🙂

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6th: SUQQU Frame Fix Moist Pact Foundation N & Lasting Pact Foundation N
Of course the liquid foundation is also well ordered, but those “emulsion” typed foundations are more often ordered. Of course there are no stinger.

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See also: Cherry’s Personal Review of SUQQU Frame Fix Lasting Pact Foundation N

7th: Albion Gel Mask Foundation
This is also affordable price zone. This was from AW2014, as I remember, counting after their release, hmm, it can beat SUQQU Cream Foundation. It is middle-full coverage.

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8th: ADDICTION Dewy Glow Foundation
We are not sure, but sometimes there are the customers who order all the shades! They are always from the States or France. ADDICTION is for lighter skin.

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9th: Albion Tight Film Foundation
On the view point of “cost performance”, this is one of the best. I have not tried how full coverage in this affordable price zone.

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10th: RMK Gel Creamy Foundation
This is also nice foundation, as I remember.

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Because we need to go to obtain bigger cities, we can not deal regularly, but Kanebo Impress Gramnula Foundation was loved by a customer. According to her, this is more lasting than Albion Excia AL Superior Cream.


Up to your preference

I guess this is perfectly your preference.

Looking for Full Coverage?

As I tried, Albion Excia AL Superior Cream Foundation is the best. The second is Albion Albion Tight Film Foundation. If you have smooth skin, but just wanna hide your uneven skin torn, Kanebo Impress Grandma Foundation is better than Superior Cream.

Middle Coverage Foundation?

Middle to Full are those.
Albion Excia AL Lifting Emulsions,  SUQQU Moist & Lasting Pact Foundation N, Albion Gel Mask Foundation. RMK Gel Creamy Foundation is also middle, as I remember.

Sheer Coverage?

It is definitely, THREE Flawless Ethereal Fluid Foundation. I like ADDICTION Dewy Glow Foundation too, but seems this foundation is really up to people, according to our American reviewer, Lukin.

No good quality powder foundations?

There are also ordered powder foundations, but it is less than RMK Gel Creamy, that’s all. I guess we Japanese girls like powder foundations more than other countries. There are some powder foundations what we have not uploaded, they are not our priority because we have not asked, that’s all. If you wanna see on our store, please feel free to ask us.

The best seller is THREE Renewing Powder Foundation, but I have not tried this yet.

I also liked Lancome’s powder foundations, but they changed the formula in 2015, and the case shape is changed, I may not repeat this.

No BB Creams?

I do not know about BB cream or CC cream things, and have not asked to help to obtain those.

No Perfume!

I have not tried all the foundations yet, but if you are a person who love no perfume foundations like me, please avoid Albion products.
SUQQU, ADDICTION, THREE, RMK, they are no perfume.

You should choose by your skin condition

Oilier Skin: Powder will be better.
Normal to Combination Skin: Guess all the foundations will be not pretty bad
Dry Skin: Basically, avoid powder foundations, there are also “moist” typed foundations, but generally, they are for Autumn-Winter for normal skin.

Choose by finish

Remember, it can be up to your skin condition, and this is a kind of subjective and no perfect objective. My skin is combination to dry, for me, I feel those.


I had tried everything (excluding Kanebo Twany Century the Foundation N so far), there are NO matte in the Ranking by ordering list above. If you prefer Matte finish, choose powder, we are sure.


Basically, Japanese prefer natural finish. THREE Fluid was the most “natural” finish, as I remember. The second was Albion Excia AL Emulsions. SUQQU Pacts & Cream are also natural. ADDICTION Dewy Glow is also natural in my eyes.


Albion Excia AL Superior is natural to glow. Seeing the pictures what I took to review, this is more glow than Emulsions. I feel Albion Gel Mask is also natural to glow. Impress Granmula is glow to radiant.


Albion Tight Film Foundation is the very Radiant I feel.

Which foundations Cherry likes in person?

If there were no perfume, Albion Excia AL Superior Cream Foundation EX would be the best, because I wanna hide my skin problem.

I loved SUQQU Cream Foundation, but to be honest I dislike jar style. I feel emulsions or pump are better hygiene. On the view point, Superior is the vey the best! (Ah, the perfume, the perfume, the perfume…)

In summer, I prefer using powders, Lunasol, Lancome, etc.

Autumn to Spring, I use liquid & cream. I like THREE Fluid  & ADDICTION Dewy are really light, Do not miss Lunasol too!