Albion Gel Mask Foundation is a natural finish foundation with well coverage!

Review by Cherry

#040: Lighter standard shade for Japanese

It was a little bit a shocking that checking my camera, I found pictures of Albion Gel Mask Foundation #040, and seems I have not reviewed this yet.

Albion Gel


This shade of #040 is one of the standard shade for Japanese, and lighter one.

Albion Gel Mask 040

How do you feel about SPF25 PA++?

With this foundation, you do not need to use foundation primers. It is a good point especially on Winter, but on Summer, fairly to say, it is not enough. However, this foundation is not designed for using on Summer. Indeed it will be up to your skin condition and your environment. Choose anytime, as you want ūüôā


When you get new one, you will find this seal.

Albion Gel Mask Foundation seal

Guess it is good isn’t it?


You will find a hole on the bottom. Please do not cover this hole, this is for this pump.

hole on the bottom


Anyway, please let me share with you my review.

I prefer fragrance-free foundations, and on the view point of this, this foundation is not superb for me.

I afraid that you will feel this foundation is harder. Hmm, it actually melts on my heat.

Albion Gel MaskAlbion Gel Mask Foundation


The texture is ‚Äúmoist‚ÄĚ, and it covers pretty well.

Albion Gel Mask FOundation #040

In person, I feel this finish is natural, it is nice for me. In person, radiant or glow foundations are not for my mood. If you like radiant foundation, there are Tight Film Foundation.

The shade is good for me, but I am tanned in couple of weeks, I guess #050 may be for my current shade.


lbion produced new foundation “Gel Mask Foundation”. This is liquid gel foundation, and according to Albion, you can apply this product without primers.

The color what we obtained is #050, the basic color for Japanese Skin. If you are an Asian, especially North Eastern Asian, our recommend is trying this color at first.

Gel Mask 050

This foundation is not pretty runny, the very “gel”, yet it gets melting on my fever.

OK, applying on my (Cherry) arm.

Gel Mask 050

Not pretty bad, isn’t it? It is a middle to full coverage foundation, and it covers my spots and uneven skin tone. Flawless! The finish is matte to natural for me. Good. This foundation is moist my skin well. SPF25 PA++ is not enough for Summer, I am sure, but enough in Winter, I guess. But I recommend to use this foundation with stronger sunscreens: My favorite and recommend is ADDICTION Skin Protector¬†(see also Cherry’s Personal Review of ADDICTION Skin Protector).

It is affordable price, and easy to use. But not perfect product for me. Yes, Albion products has almost always with perfume. This perfume is not pretty stinky like French “C” foundations. Yet I prefer no perfume products. This is sad ūüôĀ

Albion recommends to apply this foundation by your finger, to finger, directly from the pump. When you would apply on your palm to fix your finger or hands, the small capsules of hyaluronic acid is broken.

This foundation is for Autumn-Winter, when it is dry in Japan. According to Albion, that hyaluronic acid capsule make your skin keep moist with this foundation.

Anyway, as the foundation itself, this is good product: better coverage, natural finish.

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Review by Lukin

Swatch: #010 & #050

We gave Lukin, an American girl this Gel Mask Foundation. Thank you!

Gel Mask Foundation

This foundation felt very smooth Рalmost slippery but like gel not like water. The coverage is probably medium. Since I am doing a full Review on shade #010, I will not detail it here. The main reason I took the phot was to
show how similar the two colors looked on my arm. a #010 and a #050! You will¬†see on the “blended arm” photo that the swatch colors are very different¬†when blended out.

The amount of product used on each swatch was close to the amount in the¬†“droplet” photo. Not 100% perfect because the sample packets can be fussy -very close.

Also, to my eye, the #010 shade looks more pink than the #050.

Review: #010

Sometimes we have question from “I have a … skin, and how … works?” We are glad to have massages from you, but it often we can not help you, especially the questions for how it fix to the other races. Japan is not a mono race country, but Japan is ALMOST a mono race. Cosmetic companies, even they are originally from America or France, they provide narrow shade variation of foundations. Why? There are extremely niche market for those shades in Japan.

We asked Lukin to review foundations, who isa girl from the States, who has much fair skin than us. She used Albion Gel Mask Foundation what is really often ordered and quite affordable price. The lightest shade is #010.

See how Lukin says.

I recently tested Albion’s Gel Mask foundation.
Albion Gel Mask Foundation 010
According to the Albion website, this foundation was designed to feel as though wearing a veil of moisture. Its gel consistency produces a soft finish while leaving skin looking fresh. That sounds lovely, doesn’t it?

To begin my review, the bottle of foundation is lovely. Although it is not glass, the container feels sturdy and has a nice frosted effect. The foundation is delivered via pump. I prefer this for two reasons.

  1.  It reduces waste by preventing too much product spilling onto fingers or sponge.
  2.  The pump keeps the foundation air tight and is more hygienic than an open bottle.

Blend on her arm

The first thing I notice about the Gel Mask foundation was how smooth and slippery it felt. I do not mean slippery like oily but slick and cushioned? like a gel. It is suggested that primer is unnecessary so I pumped two drops onto my inner arm. Albion also recommends using one’s fingers for blending, so I quickly began to spread the foundation across my arm.

As you can see, my skin is quite fair with pinkish undertones. I tested the shade #010, which is the lightest of the six available shades.

As soon¬†as I began to smooth the foundation, I noticed little bubbles in the¬†product. Not to be alarmed ? apparently Albion uses five times the¬†hydrating power of hyaluronic acid in this formula. Hyaluronic acid is said¬†to ‚Äúplump‚ÄĚ the skin and help skin to retain moisture. I‚Äôm not sure if the¬†tiny bubbles were hyaluronic acid but they quickly dissipated as I began to¬†blend the foundation.

It was easy to see that this foundation was not a perfect color match for¬†the skin of my inner arm. It was ‚Äútoo warm‚ÄĚ in my opinion. People refer to¬†shades of foundation is several ways. Those shade names may indicate¬†different attributes in different countries. The shade 010 was just a bit¬†‚Äútoo dark‚ÄĚ for me. I don‚Äôt mind a color that is not perfect if it provides¬†a true full coverage of my skin. With enough blending, it can be a¬†beautiful look to have a perfectly smooth face that was achieved by using¬†foundation (and maybe concealer and powder too).

As I began to blend, and blend the foundation, the color became more¬†realistic of a true skin tone. It may not have been the right color for me,¬†but it would look great on the right person. If you decide to try the¬†Albion Gel Mask foundation, I will recommend you start with one pump and¬†blend quickly. As I was practicing on my arm, the product was starting to¬†‚Äúdry‚ÄĚ on the edges where I had not blended. If one is careless, an obvious¬†‚Äústopping line‚ÄĚ may appear on your chin or neck.

Blend on her face

I did try the foundation on my facial skin. I was not happy with the results.

Albion Gel Mask Foundation 010

Albion Gel Mask Foundation 010

I have redness and light brown pigmentation (sun spots) on my cheeks. Also, I have some enlarged pores on my cheeks and a couple of acne spots. Unfortunately, this did not glide as smoothly over skin with enlarged pores. The gel foundation actually settled into those pores and attached itself to some dry patches of skin. In the end, despite efforts to blend and blend some more, this was not the foundation for me and my skin.

Blend with Primer

Let me explain what I did so they photos make sense.

I started with clean skin (toner and light moisturizer).

I did three different “looks” to see how the Albion Gel Mask Foundation would work for my skin.

With Clinique

First I tried using a Clinique foundation primer.
Gel mask with Clinique
I love this product and use it regularly. The photos reveal that primer is not a good idea with the
Gel Mask formula. My skin was sticky.

I did try to apply the Gel Mask with a brush. The brush lines are obvious. Very streaky.
Albion Gel Mask Foundation 010
(Lukin, I suggest trying to wrap by your hands, after applying your primer and foundation. There will be no brush lines, I am sure. By Cherry)

Then I blended the foundation with my fingers.
Albion Gel Mask Foundation 010
That helped a tiny bit. The coverage is sheer and it accentuates the lines on my neck as well as dry areas of my cheek.

With SmashBox

Next I decided to try and deepen my skin a bit with a bronzing luminizing primer by Smashbox and a concealer by Kat Von D. I use both of the products on a regular basis.
Gel Mask with others

The photo shows again that that primers are a bad idea with the Gel Mask formula.

Once again, my skin has dry patches and the necklines look dry. The coverage is better as I used the concealer after the Albion foundation. Not perfect – but better.
The photos include indoors with flash.
Albion Gel Mask Foundation 010

Lastly, I applied the Albion Gel Mask Foundation in Shade #010 to my toned and moisturized face using my fingers to apply and to blend.

The photos are taken inside with camera flash and also outside.

This look is the best of the three. However, I do not believe it’s a good foundation for me. With most foundations, BB Creams, mineral powders, etc.,I use a primer to smooth the imperfections of my skin. Gel Mask foundation said “no primer needed” and they are telling the truth!

My skin still has dry patches but the neck lines are less visible. In the outdoors photo it is obvious that the color does not work for my skin tone. You can see where I stopped blending the foundation on my upper cheek.

The photos include indoors with flash and outside on a sunny day in the shade.

Guess this will be a good match for the oily or combination skin

However, I think the foundation will be a good match for the right person.¬†If you have oily or combination skin, I believe it will work nicely. Since¬†it is a ‚Äúgel type‚ÄĚ, it may also be good for ‚Äúnormal‚ÄĚ skin during the warmer¬†summer months. Since no primer is necessary and it has SPF, this would¬†probably work for most faces, except those will dry or mature skin, during¬†the summertime. The finish is not dewy or matte. As Albion suggested, the¬†result is a ‚Äúsoft finish.‚ÄĚ

Final thoughts ? I love the texture! It feels smooth but not greasy. The product dries quickly, so one must blend fast. I think this is good when you are in a hurry to finish your makeup.

I was hopeful that the lightest shade, #010, would work for me but not as a¬†foundation. I had thought I could have used it as a primer for the areas that need some¬†color correction.¬†But I couldn’t use the Gel Mask as a primer because the shade was too dark¬†for my skin tone. Any of my foundations were of lighter shade so it looked¬†strange. I do think the texture might work well as a primer for oily skin,¬†but that is a guess. My skin is typically normal to dry.

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