Impress Granmula Foundation is a glow finish foundation

I (Cherry) got a sample of Impress Granmula Foundation #OC-C, seems this is the very their standard color for Japanese.

Let me show you my review and comparison with Albion Excia AL Superior Cream Foundation.


At first, let me show you on my arm.
Impress Granmula Foundation
This is a harder foundation. I was afraid of it is not easy to spread on my skin, no, it is not bad to do.


Brend on my arm.
Brended Grandmula

The texture is a little bit heavier than Albion for me. Its coverage is full, and the finish is a little bit glow, I felt. It is sad that it emphasis my pore.

Kanebo Impress

In this time, I did not applied any of primers. When I use this, I should better to use something primers what covers my pore 🙁

Comparison with Albion Excia AL Superior Cream Foundation

The day before I applied Granmula on my face, I used Superior Cream, and took this photo.
Excia AL Superior Cream

Which covers well?

I feel Granmula is better than Superior Cream on the point of covering uneven skin torn. But if you have a rough skin or lots of pores, I feel Superior Cream covers more than Granmula.

Difference of the finish

I feel Superior Cream is more “natural”, and Granmula is more “glow”, but I do not think this is none of they are radiant.
Impress VS Excia

Excia AL #NA201 and Granmula OC-C are standard for Japanese, but for me, #NA201 is a little bit pinkish, and #OC-C is Ochre.
I like Superior Cream is light. Granmula is not pretty much heavy, a little bit oilier, I feel.
Impress VS Excia on arm apply


Both are with perfume, and Superior Cream is with something stronger oriental herbal, and Granmula is floral. I prefer Granmula’s, because it is not strong, yet both are not what I wanna have, sadly.


There is a customer who asked us to do custom order this foundation,  she also ordered us Albion Excia AL Superior Cream Foundation. She told us that Granmula is better than Superior Cream.

As I had mentioned, the day before I applied Granmula on my face, I used Superior Cream. But I can not compare with them, because of the sample quantity I had (I took lots of shade comparison in this summer, and that one I had :D), I could not use it whole of my face. After I took that photo, I applied other foundations :D.

Let me back to the Granmula. On the evening, I found my nose is really really extremely oily. But on my cheeks, it lasts well. It was just a warm “Indian Summer”, and I did not sport.

Custom Order only

There are no official Impress online stores, and there are no Impress store nearby. We need to go to buy, so accept custom order. I go bigger cities once a month, please feel free to ask us, but DO NOT MAKE US HURRY. If you want us to express ship, we need to ask you the expenses more.

Imress Granmula

We will seal you to avoid leaking. We guess this is enough.

If you wanna have this Impress Granmula foundation, please feel free to ask us. We can not deal this as regular. We are glad to do as Custom Order. We need to go to bigger cities to obtain. We go there at least once a month. Do not push us to rush. If you want us to rush, we need to ask you extra JPY10,000.

Price: JPY27,000


Asia: JPY2,000
USA, Canada, Australia: JPY2,500
Europe and Russia: JPY3,000
Africas: JPY3,500