Personal Review of Suqqu Frame Fix Cream Foundation N

I (Cherry) found I had not updated my foundation, Suqqu Frame Fix Cream Foundation N which I used this winter. Let me share with my review.

This foundation is in the jar, with spatula. Please apply your skin with using this spatula.

The color is 102, the standard color of Suqqu. Which is so fit on my arm. I wish you could see this foundation covered my blood lines, and make the color even. There are no information of the primers, because this foundation is designed as “use without primers”.  To be honest, my face skin tone is not even like my arm.

Let me show you my eye area. Both are my left eyes. Left is naked, and right is with this Creamy foundation, without primers. You may find there are lots of spots or uneven skin tone in the left. But see right. I used a little bit lighter color, and it is not perfectly hiding my spots. How do you think about it? Is it enough? Please guess there are no primers nor concealers! “Natural Makeup” need lots of technique, but using this foundation, it is a little bit easier to make it.

I know this foundation is not cheap. But you do not need to buy primers, it is not pretty bad price.  Suqqu recommends to us to use sunscreens as under this primer. But it has SPF30 & PA++ effect, I guess it is enough for single use in Japanese winter.

In this winter, this cream foundation is the most ordered cream foundation. We had a question from one of the customers that the difference between Cream Foundation and Liquid Foundation. Cream Foundation is harder, and Liquid foundation is runny. Suqqu Frame Fix Liquid Foundation N is not pretty runny liquid foundation, but comparing to the Suqqu Frame Fix Cream Foundation, this Liquid is not hard.

And Cream Foundations are a little but easier to come off. Both Cream and Liquid are for drier skin, but Cream is for so dried skin. Some people in here Japan changes foundations by seasons. Liquid is for spring to summer, and Cream is autumn to winter.

Here is an example of the shipment.

We do trust Suqqu, and I think they are using good jars, but we are afraid of leaking. We seal the cap by tape. This tape is called as “masking tape” and tougher, but easy to remove without damaging.

We wrap it pretty carefully.

Please check the latest price, and order from here; “Suqqu Frame Fix Cream Foundation N” or “Suqqu Frame Fix Cream Foundation N in JPY Branch“.