Suqqu The Cream Foundation is quite good covering!

In AW2020, SUQQU changed the formula of Suqqu Extra Rich Glow Cream Foundation to SUQQU The Cream foundation.

I bought a half size kit of #110 & #120. Let me share you how I feel.

This foundation is in the jar, with spatula. Please apply your skin with using this spatula.

The shades of #110 & #102 are the standard shade for Japanese. Originally, the “Flame Fix Cream Foundation N” with the good reputation was designed as “use without primers”. But the current “SUQQU The Cream Foundation” is designed as using with the foundation primer of “Treatment Serum Primer“.

How Cherry Felt

The finish is natural to matte, and no glow/ shimmer/ radiant for me.

It is a great product.

As SUQQu described, it is lighter texture and still covering pretty good. Also, I note there is no perfume :).

However, I may not buy this foundation of the full size for myself. The sunscreen effect of SPF25・PA++ for #110 & #120 is not enough, and in person, I prefer tube products than jar product on the view point of the hygiene, it is one of the most important point for me.

We had a question from one of the customers that the difference between Cream Foundation and Liquid Foundation. Cream Foundations are harder, and Liquid foundations tend to be runny.  This SUQQU Cream foundation is runnier among cream foundations.

The covering is PRETTY good. The lasting is fair as a cream foundation. I like this SUQQU foundation with the well moisturized texture, and covering pretty good but not too oily nor heavy for me.

And Cream Foundations are a little bit easier to come off. Both Cream and Liquid are for drier skin, but Cream is for so dried skin. Some people in here Japan changes foundations by seasons. Liquid is for spring to summer, and Cream is autumn to winter.


There are some swatches.

Generally to say, I am feeling the shade gap between #110 and #120 are quite big. #110 is not only lighter than #120, but also more Ochre.

#120 with Suqqu Extra Rich Glow Cream Foundation #102

It must be a first swatch with the previous formula. SUQQU changed the color numbers, and they said previous #102 is for current #120. Here we go!

Suqqu foundation swatch

In the first impression, I had thought The Cream Foundation is a little bit darker than Extra Rich Flow Cream Foundation. But after setting, the shades are not big different. They are not the perfect same, but categorised as the same.

I placed them each side of my face. I am feeling the current is much lighter texture than previous formula, but covering is still good.

Shade swatch of #110 & #120

The second must be the shade swatch of The Cream Foundation.

Suqqu The cream foundation swatch

The shades are significant different in #110 and #120. #110 is more likely to my arm, but it is #120 that is for me. When I wear #110, it makes me as if I were a dead.

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with Albion Excia AL Stay Perfect Lift Emulsion

Guess some of you may want to see the swatch with Albion Excia foundations, my first comparison is the emulsion.

I often say Albion is more pinkish than other brands, and you may see what I mean.

excia SUQQU swatch 1

It is true that in Excia foundations, NA means Natural, and OC means Ochre, and NA is more pinkish than other brands.

But #120 is quite similar to #NA211. When you feel SUQQU #120 is too dark, and #110 is too light, I suggest to try Albion Excia #NA201.

suqqu albion

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With Albion Excia AL Superior Cream Foundation EX

Many has been buying Excia AL Superior Cream Foundation EX also buys SUQQU Cream Foundations.

Here is a swatch among what I have now. Sorry! The sunshine changes quickly today!

excia SUQQU swatch

The picture of the middle is just blended, and I thought the quantity is too much, I applied a tissue on my arm what is shown in the picture of the right.

In my eyes, #120 is more beige than Albion two foundations. Some will say #120 is more lighter than #NA201, but the biggest reason should be #120 is more beige, and #NA201 is more ochre. #NA211 is significantly darker than #120. 

Both Superior Cream Foundation EX and SUQQU The Cream Foundation are full coverage foundations. But I am feeling SUQQU is slightly light texture on my face. I feel Excia is more better lasting.

Also SUQQU has no perfume, and Excia is by Albion, there is perfume. Indeed jar type foundations are not good hygiene, I feel. I prefer tubed foundations like Superior Cream Foundation EX.

If you are a perfume prone, and fair lasting is acceptable, SUQQU can be better choice for you.

When you can accept perfumes, more ochre than beige, and need good lasting, you may be happy with Excia.

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with POLA diem couleur Color Blend Foundation N

diem suqqu swatch

POLA diem couleur Foundation is a unique powder foundation. Both #N2 and #B2 are lighter among diem line, but in my eyes, they are significantly darker than SUQQU #110.

SUQQU The Cream Foundation #110 with Albion White Powderest

I found Albion White Powerest #040 is more beige than other shades, currently the most Beige foundation among what I have is SUQQU The Cream Foundation #110. Here is a swatch.

White Powderest SUQQU

It is difficult to take this swatch! Also, it is not easy to compare with Cream foundation with Powder foundations. I don’t want to buy other foundations right now! I compare among what I have!

What I want to show is the color pigment categories. #030 is more Ochre to Pink than both SUQQU #110 or #040. And #040 and SUQQU #110 can be categorised as the same group.