POLA diem couleur color blend foundation N is for Spring – Summer

In SS2021, POLA changed the formula of their unique foundation of “diem couleur color blend foundation” to “diem couleur color blend foundation N”.

In “diem couleur” line, there are two foundations, “color blend foundation N” and “color blend foundation glow”. This is the classic “color blend foundation N”, the powder foundation.

For the previous formula, the BC of POLA templated me to buy testers, and I asked her to buy full-sized testers for the newest formula, and I did. There are no budget to buy other products in this month!

I show you the testers of POLA diem couleur color blend foundation (previous formula).

Seems they added “blue-white” pigment, I am sure.

Texture, finish, coverage and lasting


The texture of this powder foundation is light, but as the powder foundation, this is a kind of “moisturised” type.

In summer, I sweat really a lot, but I also get easy to be dried in the strongly air conditioned room. Powder foundations are good lasting, but not nice to use under the air conditioned room. However with this diem couleur powder foundation, there are no such dryness, in previous formula.


The coverage is not good, it is a powder foundation. I say it covers my uneven skin tone, but I strongly recommend to use color controllers with/ as primer.

If you prefer the foundations itself has a covering effect, my recommend is “diem couleur glow”.

Also, if you have widely opened pores, it does not emphasis but it does not cover them. You need something to cover.


It is a sheer foundation, but the lasting is good as previous formula. It is still Spring, there are no dryness with using it.

In previous formula, on the day I sticked to home for whole a day, I did wear both the “glow” foundation and this powder foundation each side of my face. Odd look? exactly, but no worries, nobody visited while I did it. Anyway, due to the good breezing, I did not use the air conditioner, I slightly sweat on my face. I found sweat drops on the “glow” side, but not running. On the other side, there are no drops and never running. Also, when I walked at the cloudy day, over 30C degrees, I sweat extremely, but the foundation itself was no running. I did not used any products (the “powders” itself has sunscreen effect) excluding this foundation and the sunscreen (Allie) as the primer. Great lasting. I was satisfied.

Am not sure whether it is good for tropical area, but for me, this is quite good for my using at Spring – Summer.

Swatch among color blend foundation N

It is a sheer foundation.

First swatch is #N2, #N3 and #N4. Also in the right side I slight line Albion Smart Skin Very Rare Air #02  to show you.

Pola diem swatch

I took it in the window side, and the Sunshine changed quickly today! It is the very Spring, by the way!

In the right picture, you may not find clearly the difference between #N3 and #N4. But you may able to see the difference in the picture in the center.

Albion shades tends to more pinkish than other brands, and seeing the swatch you may able to see what I mean.

With Albion Excia AL Powder Foundation

POLA Albion swatch

Albion Excia AL Powder Foundation White Extreme #NA201 is more similar to #N3, but I also say all the three are in the same shade zone.

I admit one tone foundation is easier to swatch!

They are Japanese Standard shade.

With SUQQU The Cream Foundation #110

Here is the swatch between #N2, #B2, and SUQQU The Cream Foundation #110.

diem suqqu swatch

Not big different in the picture, but actually, #B2 is more Ochre than #N2, in my eyes, and significantly SUQQU is lighter than both of them. Both #N2 & #B2 are lighter shades among POLA diem couleur color blend foundation N, but darker than one of SUQQU’s standard shades.

With Albion Smart Skin Very Rare Air

pola albion swatch

Smart Skin Very Rare Air is an emulsion foundation. In my eyes, they are in the same shade zone.

I say, all the 4 shades are categorised as Japanese standard shades.

POLA says wipe one direction, in one stroke. But my actual daily using, it is the best way that rounding by the smallest part of triangular prism sponge. The picture below is a previous formula, but I did that in current formula too.


Swatch with “color blend foundation glow”

There are swatch with the “glow”, in the same shade number. It is in the previous formula, but I keep it.

Diem n2 swatchPola diem n3

Diem b2

In #N2, #N3, and #B2, you may see the shade “zone” is not quite different.

However see #N4.

diem N4 swatch

Hmm. #N4 in “glow” is quite pinkish on my arm. It can be due to the layer (“glow” is thick) and the covering (“glow” is more good covering). If you use #N4, please pay attention.


Still I am having the same cases, but it looks “USED”. I keep the pictures of previous formula.

Diem case

But for my using, I use the Elegance case.

Diem in elegance

I tell you about the case, please also read it: POLA diem couleur case.

Please check the latest price, and order from here: “POLA diem couleur line