Albion Excia AL White Premium Powder Foundation is lasting well under dry and sunny weather

Albion Excia White Clearly White Serum MX

Albion Excia AL White Premium Powder Foundation Brend

Shade swatch with Albion Moist Emulsion Compact VX #201.

Albion Excia AL 201 Swatch

The same shade number, and applied on my arm just with a primer of Albion Excia AL Clearly White Serum MX.

In this picture, this Powder Foundation looks darker or heavier layer, but it can be because of the lightening. In my eyes, maybe the reason of layer, Moist Emulsion Compact VX was a little bit darker.

It is April, and in my area, it is the very Spring. Sometimes we have really shinny sunny day, not humid. I had been outside and walked for 2 hours. In summer I really sweat a lot as if showing, but not pretty much on that day. My makeup did not run out, and I was satisfied with this. Lasting nicely in dry sunny weather.

I am not quite sure whether it is enough tough to using on mid summer 🙂

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