Albion Excia AL Powder Foundation White Extreme is lasting well under dry and sunny weather

Albion changed “Albion Excia AL White Premium Powder Foundation“ to “Albion Excia AL Powder Foundation White Extreme” for SS2019.

I got a sample and let me show you my swatch with Powder Foundation Extreme.

Both are the same shade of #NA201, the standard shade for Japanese.


In this picture, Powder Foundation Extreme looked one tone darker than White Extreme. On the first swatch, I was confused whether the Powder Foundation Extreme is #NA211, but there are no samples of #NA211 for both foundations, and they are categorised as the same shade zone.

Blending both, You may see there are not big different each.  In my eyes, I am feeling White Extreme side is more yellow, and Extreme side is more pink, however it can be categorised as the same shade zone.

It is March, sometimes we have really shinny sunny day, not humid. I had been outside and walked for 2 hours. In summer I really sweat a lot as if showing, but not pretty much on that day. My makeup did not run out, and I was satisfied with this. Lasting nicely in dry sunny weather.

I am not quite sure whether it is enough tough to using on mid summer 🙂

Swatch with POLA powder foundation

Here is another swatch.

POLA Albion swatch

With POLA diem couleur Color Blend Foundation N, a powder foundation , new for SS2021.

In the picture, there are less difference in both 3 shades, but in my eyes, I am feeling #NA201 is more similar to #N3, but I say all the 3 are in the same shade zone. 

Please check the latest price, and find your shade from here: Albion Excia AL  Foundations