THREE Alchemist Twist for Eye is with glitter :)

THREE Alchemist Twist for Eye is new for AW2018.

This is a liquid eyeshadow, and I wondered whether they keep Whisper Gloss for Eye or not, as of Aug 2018, still they are keeping Whisper Gloss for Eye.

I chose this Alchemist Twist #05 MOON CROON for my Autumn Makeup.

THREE Alchemist

This is a gold color, but it looked not gold but grey gold in my eyes, I was imagined more light gold, I felt it was a mis-choice.

three alchemist 05

They claim as this is not only an eyeshadow but also an eyeliner, but can you keep this as it is?

Probably no. You may need to spread, and at least this #05, this is too sheer to use as an eyeliner, I am sure.

I suggest it is not an eyeliner, but an eyeshadow primer. See this picture below.


When I gently smooth my finger on the eye shadow, it is sheer but not pretty bad. Recently I rarely make gradation nor smoky eyes, simply I apply something fitting to my clothes.

Note: Sometimes I get questions like “is XXX fitting to green eyes?” kind questions. Who knows. In our staffs, we have several eye colors, hazel, brown, dark brown, and black… typical Japanese. There are some people who insists as “this color is / is not fitting to my skin torn” thing, but generally I recommend to choose your makeup colors to fitting to your clothes. When I wear blue I choose blue-green-yellow, when I wear red I chose brown-red-yellow. Pure black is simple, it always fit to my black hair. But brown and grey are tricky, there are dark brown to burgundy in brown, and grey is also gold grey to silver grey.

Anyway, this “gold” is more warmer color than I had thought, it can not bad under this sunshine with 35C degrees.

Totally to say, it is not pretty bad to choose for this season.

Difference between Whisper Gloss for Eye

I also had used Whisper Gloss for Eye, I have allergic conjunctivitis in my eyes, I am afraid of using eyeshadows and eyeliners from what I had not experienced. I jumped to this Alchemist Twist for Eye, I had good experience with THREE’s another liquid eyeshadow, Whisper Gloss for Eye. As of Aug 2018, there are both Whisper Gloss for Eye and this new Alchemist Twist for Eye.

THREE liquid eyes

Note: this Whisper Gloss for Eye is a part of a special kit, the size is different from the original.

I felt Whisper Gloss for Eye is more runny and Alchemist Twist for Eye is more creamy.

three eyes

In the picture above, it is not easy to see the glitters. Especially after both were dried well, Alchemist has lots of glitters, and Whisper is less. As THREE’s recommend, I touched Alchemist by my finger, it gets shining more. I often wear this Alchemist slightly whole of my eyes, and with a brown eyeliner. It’s my current simple makeup.

Here is a picture showing the tips (I wiped). The style is different.

three tips


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