Personal Review of Albion Infinesse Eliminate Cleansing Milk

As of AW2017, Albion changed the Infinesse (moisture) line.

I had used INFINESSE BURNISH CLEANSING MILK, a makeup remover ago, and the current formula is named as “Infinesse Eliminate Cleansing Milk”

This is “Cleansing Milk”, which is not meaning a face wash, but a makeup remover. Albion recommends wipe or rinse well. Let me show you removing my daily makeup with wiping.

In person, I have not a wonderful image on cleansing milk things, what tends not easy to remove my makeup with gentle massage and rinse. I strongly recommend to wipe first, and wash.

Please let me show my makeups.

Albion Infinesse remover with makeup

Take this cleansing milk on cotton. Applying and wiping softly.

Albion Infinesse Eliminate cleansing

Let me show you how it worked.

Albion Infinesse makeup remover

It removed quickly. The previous formula was bad at removing the waterproof makeups, but it is working better.

But remember, WIPE. Not rinse, but WIPE.

On my face with the same makeups, it removed well, as I had expected. My face afterward is neither greasy nor dry. I know some may describe as “moisturized”, but I say “oily”. For the hygiene, I strongly recommend to use your face wash after removing.

If you are a person who prefer rinsing the makeup removers (me), my first recommend is cleansing oils, not these milks. If you do not want to wash after makeup removers, I feel it is really bad hygienic if you would not even rinse by water, but I know there are these people. Instead of using these cleaning milks, there are cleansing waters, but is not good at removing waterproof makeups.

I think this cleansing milk removers will be for the person who use cottons to remove makeups. In person, it is for my traveling. While my traveling, I were light makeups, sometimes the powders only, and use cottons to remove 🙂

Please check the latest price, and order from here: Albion Infinesse Line

See Infinesse line’s basic 5 items. Use in this order (especially at night).

  1. Infinesse Eliminate Cleansing Milk (Makeup Remover)
  2. Infinesse Deep Force Wash (Face Wash)
  3. Infinesse Derma Pump Milk S (Emulsion)
  4. Infinesse Derma Pump Lotion S (Lotion)
  5. Infinesse Upsurge Solution S (Serum)/ Infinesse Expansion Cream (Cream)