Albion Flarune Fuwaly Cleansing Oil

I (Cherry) like cleansing oils as my makeup remover.

In AW2022, Albion changed “Exage” line to “Flarune” line. I got samples for Flarune Fuwarly Cleansing Oil.

I really don’t understand what “Flarune” and “Fuwarly” means.

Frankly to say, Exage perfume was artistic & strong , and too sweet & floral for me. But In this Flarune line, the perfume is not quite strong, and slightly herbal, I felt. It is MUCH better than Exage perfume.

This cleansing oil is runny, and slightly yellow color.

Albion Flarune Oil

Here is my removing.

Foundation Primer: RMK make up base
Foundation: Cle de Peau Beauté, Albion Excia
Eyeshadow: RMK
Lip: Cle de Peau Beauté
Mascara: RMK
Blush: RMK
Eyeliner: THREE

That RMK mascara is a waterproof, it is really hard to remove!

Flarune Cleasing Oil

I touched my arm by this cotton twice on the middle. The right is I used several times. You may see some white cast on the middle and the right, it is from cotton what I used.

As you see, it is really good to remove my makeups quickly. This is the reason why I use cleansing oils/ creams/ balms.

Also, I note that I regularly apply those removers by my hands, without cottons. I rinse well till it becomes emulsion, and use my face washes too.

On my face, I felt it is more thicker than it looks. Also, it is a slimy cleansing oil, I rinsed well, but still I felt slimy and not easy to make it emulsion. I use my daily face wash to remove well.

I did not feel this product make my face drier, but not beating my daily product (Fancl Mild Cleansing Oil), because it is not good to use with wet hands.

Please check the latest price, and order from here: Albion Flarune line.