Albion Infinesse Deep Force Wash is a black face wash, and sadly it is too strong for me.

Finally I got a sample of Albion Infinesse Deep Force Wash, a face wash, what is changed from Brush Up Wash.

When I took it, I was a little bit surprised to seeing the color is unexpected.

Infinesse face wash

Black face wash. There are several black face washes what are using charcoals to remove dirt, and checking the ingredients of this face wash, I found carbon black, am not sure how this carbon black is working, but sure where the color is from.

Adding water, I made foam. Frankly to say, my recommend is using mild water. You can make much richer than this picture which I used cold water. Of course, I used forming net to take a photo below.

Infinesse wash

There are some face washes so strong for my dried and sensitive skin. As I remember, I was satisfied with the previous formula  my skin was not dried with this face wash, but the problem was the perfume.

Indeed in this formula, when I used this, my skin was neither damaged nor so much dry. I found afterward of my using, my face was dried and get tight, and the perfume is not for mine.

Please check the latest price, and order from here: Albion Infinesse Line

See Infinesse line’s basic 5 items. Use in this order (especially at night).

  1. Infinesse Eliminate Cleansing Milk (Makeup Remover)
  2. Infinesse Deep Force Wash (Face Wash)
  3. Infinesse Derma Pump Milk S (Emulsion)
  4. Infinesse Derma Pump Lotion S (Lotion)
  5. Infinesse Upsurge Solution S (Serum)/ Infinesse Expansion Cream (Cream)