THREE Whisper Gloss for Eye is useful and beautiful

Here is a Whisper Gloss for Eye #9 09 TW:CEMENT SERENADE. The size is small (originally 9g, but this is 6g from a Spring Makeup trio)

This Whisper Gloss For Eye is often ordered (especially #01 and #03). It was used to being hard to obtain, people buys a lot, and the speed of fulfilment was a little bit slow, indeed it is easier to get for you recently.

wisper glos for eyes 09

I found I have not reviewed this liquid eyeshadow/ eyeshadow primer, I decided to review for it.

As an Eyeshadow Primer

At first I draw a line to show the texture.

glow for eyes

It is really light texture of liquid eyeshadow.

It is really easy to spread whole of your eyehole.

as a primer

I chose the darkest color from SUQQU Designing Color Eyes #112 from the tail (right side) to mid. Here you are. It is really a beautiful smoky eyes. The glitters are from this  THREE.

eyes + designing

As an eyeshadow

I am trying to apply as THREE recommends.

1) Apply two points on the mid of your upper eyelids

eyes 01

2) Spread it by your finger

Eyes 02

3) Two points on the mid again

eyes 03

4) Spread to place especially for the mid

eyes 04

5) Draw a line on your lower eyelid

eyes 05

6) Smudge by your finger

eyes 06

In person, I should better to stop at the step 4). Or I should place my finger on the lower eyelid each steps of 2) or 4).

Anyway, it is really useful product.

I was hesitated to use this because once it has alcohol or something to make my eye area feel irritation, but fortunately there are no such.

But I admit one point. It is easy to get run out. Not for my summer!

Totally to say, even it is easy to be running out, but so beautiful and easy to use.

Pleas check the latest price, and order from here: “THREE Eyeshadows