Swatch & review of THREE Epic Mini Dash — wonderful blush!

THREE Epic Mini Dash is a liquid blush/ lip, new for AW2016.


I bought 3, #05, #06 & #07.

THREE Epic Mini Dash

I could not choose one!!!


Ok, the color swatch first.

THREE Epic Swatch

So beautiful, and I had thought #05 is too vivid as a blush.


Let me blend.

THREE Epic Blend

They are too much aren’t they? I think I do not need to use so much for using blush. But #06 is posh good shade.

#05, I had thought this is too vivid as a lip, but as a blush, this was better than I had thought, but I need to pay attention to the quantity.

#07 is also nice, but too much quantity I applied as a blush. It is not so much dark as the bottle, or as a lip.

My recommend is just point few points on your cheeks. Do not draw a line like I did 🙂

How do you feel?

And I could not show you on the picture, but there are small and few pretty posh glitters.

I applied them on my lips.

They are matte, as THREE says. I am often pealed by matte lips, but with this, it was not pretty bad.

Please check the latest price, and order from here: THREE Blushes.