ADDICTION Skin Protector is almost perfect sunscreen

It is mid of Sep, and in this 2014, it is a little bit colder. It is already Autumn in here.

I (Cherry) used tons of sunscreens in this Summer, as usual. Let me share with you my review of this product.

This ADDICTION Skin Protector is SPF50+ and PA++++. This is pretty good for using daily.

Let me show you on my hand.
This is just white cream. Sometimes white sunscreens make my skin whitish, I am not meaning “brightening”, just wired white.

Seems there are no problem isn’t it?

That’s right.
It does not cover my uneven skin torn. It looks a little bit oilier, I have to admit. I can never say that this sunscreen/ sunblock protected me perfectly to be tanned. And sometimes when we use sunscreens for swimming, some products turned to white. But this product doesn’t turn to be white with wet skin.

This sunscreen has strong protect effect, but I do not recommend this product for sporting. It is not waterproof, even I do not think this is water resistance product. It is oily, so, it might be tough, but not enough. I sweat a lot, but in this Summer, it was so cold, I did not sweat pretty much as last Summer. So, it was good for my daily use.

It was sunny, but I was not tanned. It might be the reason why we Japanese girls are not only applying sunscreens, but also wearing hats with sun umbrella. I know how odd looking for American or European!

Sometimes there are tons of perfume or stinky chemical smell in sunscreens. In this ADDICTION Skin Protector, I did not feel any of perfume.

I often feel sting or other irritation with sunscreens, but there are nothing with this sunscreen. They are pretty good points for me.

No perfume, no irritation, but no waterproof. This is the reason why I say this is “almost” perfect.

Please check the latest price, and order from here; “ADDICTION Sunscreen“.