Personal Review of THREE Shadow Lining Performing Eyeliner 05

I (Cherry) obtained new eyeliner for AW2014. THREE Shadow Lining Performing Eyeliner #05 EARTH ORBIT.

Sorry! I forgot to take photos before using!!! This is already one of my daily makeup!

Just a pencil eyeliner, and this is not separable refill and holder system.
The tail is a tip, big, soft, and useful.

Anyway, let me apply on my arm.
The foundation is RMK Creamy Foundation N.

When the arm was drier, namely not just after the foundation.

It is darker.

But my arm was wet, just after the foundation.

See, the color is a little bit different.

Anyway, this is waterproof eyeliner, let me spray a water, Avene Water.

Not running.

When I scratched by my finger.

A little bit running, but no problem!

How do you think about it? I had thought that this liner is more and more dark blue, bluish black, I had thought. Yet this color is vivid. Frankly to say, it was a little bit different from what I was looking for. But this color is so easy to use, with soft pink or with smoky grey. I am loving it!

I was also surprised to know how tough RMK Creamy Foundation N is. 🙂

#05 Earth Orbit is is limited color for AW2014. this is already sold out.

Please check the latest price, and order from here: THREE Eyeliners.