See! How beautiful SUQQU Designing Color Eyes are!

#06 Yoibeni

Still SUQQU Designing Color Eyes is one of the best seller in Japan. #06 Yoibeni is new for AW2017. A friend of mine bought #06 Yoibeni, and she let me review this for the blog.

suqqu yoibeni

Quickly I show you some.

suqqu yoibeni swatch

To be honest, this two upper are not easy to take photos. However both are beautifully with small posh glitters.

My first makeup idea.

SUQQU Idea 1

  1. Applying A on whole of your eyelids
  2. B on the upper eyelid
  3. D as the eyeliner

My second makeup idea.

SUQQU Idea 2

  1. A on whole of your eyelids
  2. B on the upper eyelid
  3. D and C as eyeliners

Do you have any idea?? :))

The girl who bought this, she told me that she will use this for daily use (A, B, and D), like in her office. C is somehow special parties :))

#04 Ayanadeshiko

As of Spring of 2017, SUQQU Designing Color Eyes is one of the best seller in Japan, and hard to obtain, especially #04 Ayanadeshiko.
SUQQU Ayanadeshiko
There are long line to be shipped, and finally I bought one for myself. And as of 12th of April, they are already sold out again.

Let me show you the swatch first.

ayanadeshiko right

Can you see exactly?

I took another photo of this (of course the same order) with different contrast of the right.

ayanadeshiko swatch

It is difficult to show you what exactly I am seeing.

  • The top (1) is really beautiful posh glitter of white-pink
  • Second (2) is a little bit gold / brown pink with posh glitter
  • Third (3) is a posh pink with small glitter
  • The bottom (4) is reddish brown gold with less glitter

Horizontal using all of the colors

Let me show you my idea of horizontal.


  • Apply 2 on whole of the upper eye lids
  • 3 is for under eyes
  • 4 for double eye lids
  • 1 for the mid of the upper eye lids
  • with my burgundy eyeliner (discontinued THREE)

May show you the vertical idea later.

Horizontal with 2 colors

The next idea is using 2 colors. This is what I often do.

SUQQU Ayanadeshiko

  • Apply 3 for whole of your eye lids
  • Draw 4 on your double eye lids
  • with my burgundy eyeliner (discontinued THREE)

This is really simple, but gorgeous for under sunshine of Spring!

Slanting with 3 colors

This is also what I often use.

SUQQU Ayanadeshiko

Because I have drier eyes, I often drop eye drops, I do not use powder eyeliners. If you can use powder eyeliners/ non-waterproof eyeliners, you can use the darkest (4) as your eyeliner.

The left is nose.

  • Place 2 for whole of your eye lids
  • place 3 for slanting from upper right to lower left
  • draw 1 for your under eyelids


Final is vertical.

SUQQU Ayanadeshiko

  • Apply 2 whole of your eyelids
  • 4 is the corner to the center
  • smudge
  • 1 for the center
  • 3 for the under eyelids

The eyeliner is ADDICTION (discontinued)

Please check the latest price, and order from here:”SUQQU Designing Color Eyes



This eyeshadow of 111 KOUSETSUKA is from SUQQU Christmas Makeup Kit (2017).

SUQQU Desining Color Eyes 111 Kousetsuka

I obtained one for a friend of mine, and she allowed me to slightly swatch.

It is difficult to see in this swatch, excluding the brown on the bottom-left, they are full pf posh small glitters.


This eyeshadow of #112 Ginsekkei is from SUQQU Christmas Makeup Kit (2017).

I was grabbed my hearts when I saw it.


People told me that it is really looked like Eye Grow Gem, this year’s AQMW Makeup kit.

SUQQU WG Eyeshadow & AQMW

What she told me is the very I marked by blue. Ah… I see. Let me swatch them.

SUQQU WG Swatch with AQMW

AQMW is more vivid than SUQQU.

Let me swatch this eyeshadow.

It is not easy to see the upper left in this picture, what I placed on the top. It is gently shining glitter.